Happy author

Just received the news that PROM has been nominated for inclusion on the 2006 BBYA (Best Books for Young Adults) list!!

Can’t stop grinning…

Waiting again

I checked with the reading specialist of today’s school last night. She agreed with me that it didn’t look good for today’s visit. Sigh. I’m really glad I left those May days open for snow postponements.

I got in about 12 hours of hammering on the manuscript yesterday. Those of you out there who write know how much fun this can be. It always happens in the last stage of revising for me. I whine and complain and gnash my teeth about how sick I am of Book X, then I submerge myself in the story for way too many hours a day and it is heaven. When I give a story every waking minute, I fall in love with it all over again. I can hold all of the story threads in my mind simultaneously. I remember every obscure fact – and every “fact” that contradicts it. I find new joy in the contrasting interpretations. I lavish care on my transitions. I fell asleep thinking about it, I dreamed about it, and I was thinking about it when I woke up.

For those of you backing away from the computer screen right now, I have one thing to say – this is why I am a writer, and not an insurance agent or nurse or auto mechanic. I love this stuff.

So all is not lost if today’s school visit is snowed out. I’ll submerge myself again in the manuscript and report back later.

Oh, wait… The Call just came in – no school today in the district I’m visiting. Mer’s school (Hatboro-Horsham) is closed, too. She’ll be happy about that.

Time for coffee, breakfast, then a dive back into the story. Wish me luck.