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Answers to writing questions

TweetI answered about 50 questions on Twitter today (scroll to look for posts on afternoon of 3/29). Most were about writing process, some were about my books.Next Twitter Live Q & A is scheduled for 4pm (EST) April 13th.Just sayin’.
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Microblog: paperback news, Aussie love & librarian contest

TweetHappy bookday!Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookseller and pick up your copy of WINTERGIRLS in paperback!! If it is icy in your neighborhood, or you don’t feel like going outside, order your copy from an independent bookseller via Indiebound. Do you want to order a copy that will arrived already personalized and signed by […]
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TweetI revised all weekend. What about you? If you are working on NaNoWriMo or just putting pedal to the medal to finish a draft, you might want to read the Tips on Writer’s Block I wrote for the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. Because of the intense revision schedule I’m on, I need to issue a […]
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WFMAD Day 11 – choices

TweetWriting anything requires that you make thousands upon thousands of choices for your characters. This is why it can feel like so much fun to start a book, but once you are a hundred pages into it, you are ready to pitch it onto a bonfire. If you made a wrong turn on the path […]
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so how exactly does this guy do it?

TweetOK, writer friends, pre-published authors, and those with the writing dream in their hearts: please read this interview with Iain Banks and help me understand this one thing: What is his secret? My Friday Five: 1. Finish the draft. 2. Finish the draft. 3. Finish the draft. 4. Finish the draft. 5. Finish the draft. […]
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carrying home the KW coals in a copper box

TweetNow I’m home, which means playing catch-up, unpacking suitcases, and setting my sights on the work again. Thank you to everyone who made Kindling Words such a special experience! I have more photos, but frankly, Kate Messner’s are much better, so you should look at hers. Thank you, Kate, for being so handy with a […]
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