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How To Make An Author’s Heart Go Tha-Thump!

Tweet   A couple of weeks ago, the mother of one of my young readers contacted me on Facebook and wrote, “I’m going on a short trip to NYC. My son wants to see one of the places from CHAINS. Which one spot should he see?” Not only did her son read and enjoy the book, but […]
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Badass dames

Tweet Helllllllooooooo Women’s History Month! The fantabulous dames over at readergirlz have designated March as Risk-Taking Month. On the last day of February (Loyalty Month) they featured Independent Dames; What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution. But given the subject matter, I think we can celebrate it in both […]
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BookTour Day 15 – Hope Triumphant

TweetDid you cry? I cried. I’m still crying. I wonder if Americans felt this way when the American Revolution ended and the sun came up on a new country that was filled with hope, optimism, and the determination to make the future better than the past. I think they did. My heart goes out to […]
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