In which the author blushes and stammers

So….. This is one of those “out of body” things. One of those weird turns on the path of life that you don’t see coming, and it’s really fun, but at the same time you keep doubting it’s real, then you feel dumb for doubting, because, after all, they are very smart people, and yes, they did choose you – ME! – and so you had better just stop being silly and bask in it all. I’m not sure how to phrase this, so I’ll quote from the press release: “…the ALAN Award Committee has voted to honor Laurie Halse Anderson with the 2008 ALAN Award.” If you don’t know what ALAN is, hang on a sec and I’ll explain. If you do know, then you understand why this feels glorious and overwhelming and has rocked me to the core. It’s a darn good thing they made the announcement five months before I accept the award and give a speech, because it’s going to take me all that time to figure out how to convey my gratitude properly. You can read more about it here. Still wondering why I am so befuddled? They’ve given this award to many of my heroes: Teri Lesesne, Jerry Spinelli, Jacqueline Woodson, Patty Campbell, S.E. Hinton, Mildred Taylor, Walter Dean Myers, Chris Crutcher, Don Gallo, Gary Paulsen, Richard Peck, Cynthia Voigt, Katherine Paterson, Madeleine L’Engle, and The Big Guy: Robert Cormier. Now do you see why this is overwhelming? ::pauses for a brief attack of the vapors:: ::nearly swoons:: ::rouses self with great difficulty:: “But, Laurie, what is ALAN?” you ask. ALAN is where all the best English teachers hang out. The acronym stands for The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents. In a nutshell, ALAN is the collection of brilliant English teachers, along with the college professors who taught them, and the authors and editors who are in awe of the work they do. If you teach English, literature, or reading to teens, I beg of you, please join. (Very inexpensive!) You’ll get a kick-butt journal with terrific reviews and articles about real-world classroom challenges, and you will connect with some incredible peers. If all the world is a high school, then ALAN is the cool kids’ table for English teachers; the nice ones who are always scootching down to make room for new people. Especially the new ones who still feel fourteen and gawky. Thank you very, very much, my kindred spirits.
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    How Damn Cool is That!



    That’s wonderful! How come you weren’t writing when we were YA’s?

    All my best,


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    Oh, Congratulations, Laurie!! This news just made my day. So, so well-deserved. Yay!!

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    hurray hurray hurray

    What a wonderful honor. I am thrilled for you. I will be there in San Antonio to see you get the award. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    yay!!!! well-deserved, because you are awesome. congrats!

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    Congratulations, Laurie! Very, very nice news.

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    Wow! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

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    That is so awesome!!! Congratulations. You definitely deserve and have earned this honor. What a great start to the day that has to be! Wow. Congratulations!


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    What a wonderful honor. For you and for ALAN. πŸ™‚

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    Wow, that really is an incredible honour! Congratulations!!! But I totally see your name belonging with those others. πŸ˜€

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    Felicidades, Laurie! You definitely deserve it, so don’t be so befuddled! Will you be at ALA? If so, hope to see you there!

    Take care,

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    congrats! that’s wonderful!

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    You are so deserving of this honor. All the fans of the forest will be cheering you today so listen closely.

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    Wow! Congratulations – that is wonderful!!! *\o/*

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    Wow, congrats!

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    Congratulations and YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THIS!!!

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    Congrats!!!!! Well-deserved indeed.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so happy for you I could cry! Sounds like the literature Gods are shining down on you. Life is good!

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    Congratulations and well-deserved! I was just telling people yesterday that ALAN is one of my favorite conferences because of everyone’s extreme passion for books.

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    You ROCK! Congratulations. This is a well deserved honor! Make some fireworks:

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    Hooray for Laurie and what an awesome picture!

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    Perfect choice.

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    They made a brilliant choice!
    Congratulations Laurie!

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    Fabulous news and a much deserved honor. Congratulations!

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  26. Anonymous
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    Congrats Laurie! I can’t think of a more deserving recipient!

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    Many congratulations on a well deserved honor!

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    It is a hard-earned and well-deserved award.


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    DEFINITELY well deserved, Laurie. Many congrats!

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    Another great to add to the list! You deserve it Laurie!

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    Yay! I can’t wait to watch you accept the award! See you in November!

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    congratulations on winning the 2008 ALAN award! you definitely deserve it! i really wish i could be there to see you get your award! is there a ceremony or anything like that? can’t wait to hear all about it and i’m so happy for you! =) ♥

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    No mean feat. Well done.

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    Oh congratulations! What an amazing thing. And of course you deserve it; your list of amazing authors included many of my favorites but it was missing one- YOU.
    Go forth and bask!

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    Very cool. Big congrats. πŸ™‚

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    Congratulations! You should be very proud and are entitled to bragging rights until you win another fancy award. You so deserve it.

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    How splendid! Congratulations!


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    Oh, wow, congratulations!

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    I am so very proud of you kid. Please enjoy the company of so many great authors.
    Thank you ALAN for selecting Laurie for such a prestigious award.
    Beloved Husband

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    Woohoo! Way to go, Laurie! Congrats on getting recognized for your excellent work!

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    You SO deserve this!

    Enjoy every second of it! =)

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    Congratulations, Laurie! What an honor – and a much deserved one. πŸ™‚

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    Kick butt!

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    This is over the top wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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    Hooray! Congratulations!

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    What an honor. Congratulations. =)

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    Huge, HUGE Congratulations!!!!!!!!
    “ya done good”
    (the English teachers are cringing at that one. I’m sure…)

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    Wow Laurie, that’s awesome! Congratulations! You deserve it!

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    Woo Hoo!

    They couldn’t have chosen a better person for this award.

    Doing the happy dance in CT for you!!

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