Two Letters

My mail makes me smile. This came in last week, from A.M.

so i dont even know if this will ever get to the author of “speak,”
but i just thought it was VERY neccesary to thank her for creating such an amazing book.
i was completely in awe of how much i learned from and connected to this book.
So Laurie Halse Anderson, thank you for understanding and helping others to understand the thoughts of someone going through anything difficult in their life.
i know a lot about going through hard times, as i’m sure you do, and this was very much an encouraging story about the life of a teenage girl.
“Speak” spoke to me in a way no other book has in my life (and i read a lot!)
i jut wanted to send this e-mail as a bit of encouragment, so PLEASE keep on writing and inspiring people with this talent of yours.

Is it surprising that I woke up at 5 this morning, thought about characters, then watched the sun rise and set to work eagerly? No, not at all.

And then there are letters like this, which tend to come to my MySpace account:

first of all Hello Laurie! Let me introduce myself.. my name is XXX and I am 13 years old. Thank you so much for having time to read and pay attention to my letter. I am writing to you because I need help from an expert..YOU! OK.ok. I’ll tell you! I need major HELP!!! My 8th grade English teacher assigned me a major task!
Which is to read your WONDERFUL PERFECT book Speak which i know is an excellent book because she told me..and to write a Summary. I have barely read half of your book and guess what!!!! I LOST THE BOOK!!! And the worst part is that it’s my teacher’s. Please HELP ME DO MY Summary! Please I beg you with all my heart. Can you please write me a short summary of the other half of the book?

Please! Laurie.. thank you sooooo much for being able to help me!

thanks.. PS. your book is really interesting!

No, I did not write her a summary. The biggest part of growing up is learning to deal with your own problems and to own your mistakes. She’ll figure it out.

Crazy day today…. the Creature With Fangs is going to have a hysterectomy because she has dysplasia. We’re going to be running around trying to fit a million things into 12 hours.

It really was an amazing sunrise.

Happy World Book Day!
Get ready for Read Across America Day tomorrow!