(Sort of) Blog-Free February is OVER!

How did you do last month?

Did you cut back on your blog writing and reading time?

What did you do with your newly-freed hours?

I finished my book a few weeks earlier than I thought I would!!

I also started using the Comments function of Word (I use a Mac) whenever I had something I needed to look up on the Web. I’d make a comment, attached to the phrase or graf in question, and keep writing. Once a day I would hop back on the Web and look everything up.

In addition, I kept a pleasure book right next to my elbow. Whenever I’d get one of those cravings to waste time online (always a sign that my concentration was flagging or that I’d hit a bump in the manuscript) I would read for fun instead of waste time checking CNN or the Times to see that nothing had in fact happened that I needed to know about.

What was your experience?