BEA (book expo) Vlog & FORGE signing

I spent Tuesday – Thursday of this week at BEA – the gigunda annual trade show for booksellers in New York City. It was crazy-intense and wonderful. I got to hear smart people talk, saw friends be honored, receive some nice recognition from independent booksellers for some of my work, sign LOTS of books, go to parties, hear the opening pages of Mockingjay (the 3rd Hunger Games book. No, they didn’t have any ARCs. It comes out on August 24th. Order your copy from an indie bookseller now.), and have great conversations with booksellers about how we authors can help them do what they do best; get books into the hands of readers.

And I brought my new camera so I could make a few videos for you!

Here is the first one. Mostly it shows the very patient booksellers who waited in line for hours for me to sign advanced copies of FORGE. Be sure to check the end of the clip to see the special guest appearance by His High Crankiness His High Bookishness, Former Children’s Literature Ambassador Jon Whathisname.

I’m taking the rest of the long weekend off from the Internet. Happy Memorial Day and see you Tuesday!

7 Replies to “BEA (book expo) Vlog & FORGE signing”

  1. It was definitely worth the wait (but then, I was in the very front of the line). I saw the back of my head very briefly in the video! 🙂 FORGE was one of the few books I took back in my carry-on luggage so I could start it right away!

  2. haha, I am the exhausted person sitting on the floor at 1:21! It was great to meet you and get a signed copy of Forge!

  3. Hey Laurie, I wish I’d been there Thursday to see you again and get a copy of FORGE. I was there for the day on Wednesday. First time I ever attended BEA. It was definitely crazy, crowded and NOISY.

    Great vlog! I recognized a few people in that long line.

    Joanne Fritz (Chester County Book Company)

  4. Very cool. Would love to get to BEA one of these years. Looks like a great time.

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