My corner of heaven

I’m sitting in the sunroom (yes, wearing sunscreen) so I can enjoy the view.

What do you think?

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The Creature With Fangs loves snow. She gallops across the yard, maw hanging open so she can scoop up snow and eat it. Reminds me of a whale inhaling crill.

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What’s the weather where you are?

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  1. That’s so beautiful! Here in northern california it’s been foggy in the mornings and sunny in the afternoons. Can’t complain!

  2. How funny, I’m sitting here at work (it’s break) and watching all this snow sifting down, getting thicker and thicker. Everybody at work is all a-buzz, gathering at windows, looking at Doppler radar on the internet.

    The one sure-fire way to stop a class at school dead in its tracks: look up when everybody is working quietly and say, “Oh! It’s snowing.” and BAM there’s 20 kids at the window.

  3. What is it about snow and dogs? My lil 20 pound cockapoo bounds through the snow like Buck from White Fang with her maw wide open, huffing the whole way. It cracks me up!

  4. Oh, so jealous! SW VA is sunny and chilly. Feels like winter, but we need the white stuff! Creature with Fangs is so cute! And mine (a Great Dane) is quite jealous that yours gets snow and she doesn’t have any!

  5. wow, pretty landscape! and pretty dog, too. it’s not snowing anymore here – madison, wi – although we’ve got plenty on the ground already. it makes walking around campus quite an adventure.

  6. The one sure-fire way to stop a class at school dead in its tracks: look up when everybody is working quietly and say, “Oh! It’s snowing.” and BAM there’s 20 kids at the window.

    that’s very true. my classmates and i would do that all the way through high school, and i’d probably do that in now in college if any of my classrooms had windows!

  7. How beautiful! The pooch is having fun, too. πŸ™‚

    It’s one of the first days a jacket feels good but I’m told it will be close to 80 this weekend. No winter for us so far. πŸ™

  8. Here in Central Texas it’s cold in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons. Earlier this week it was cold and dark all day. At least now the sun comes out.

    I try to wear sunscreen every day.

  9. I think I am jealous!!!

    I miss living in upstate/central NY full-time. As it is, I am a city dweller with weekends upstate and I miss the snow.

    In NYC it is cold but sunny and clear, no snow on the ground.

  10. Looking out my window

    I am sitting here in my office on James St. in Syracuse and the sun is shining so brightly that I had to close my blinds! It’s amazing to me that we are only miles apart. I have to admit I actually like your view better and it’s not so much because of the snow but the fact that you are warm and sung in your home with your lovely CWF. WHAT A FACE! WHAT A FACE! WHAT A FACE! Have you ever thought of writing a children’s story from the CWF point of view? Those eyes have a story to tell. Enjoy the rest of your snowy day!

  11. Oh my goodness…How beautiful… It never snows in TN anymore. And it definitely doesn’t snow in South Carolina (where I am in the process of moving to). It was seventy degrees and sunny when I was down there last weekend. At least the boyfriend’s parents live in Boston. I can still see snow occasionally… πŸ™

  12. Here in Southern New Hampshire, we have plenty of the white stuff, but now it’s melting off the driveways and appears crystalline in the sun. In other words, it’s perfect weather here!

  13. Outside my window is a palm tree dancing in a warm wind. Have you guessed that I live in South Florida? And I miss snow, but hope to experience some when we head to Philly later this month to visit family and friends.
    By the way, you have the world’s cutest pooch! (Next to mine, of course. “Sorry, Lady.”)

  14. We got something between a dustin and an inch yesterday. Puppy Wally came in looking much like CWF every time he went out (which was often). It was his first snow. M (almost 13) kept calling him our cocaine dog. Where do kids come up with this stuff?

  15. I’m at SUNY Geneseo and we definitely don’t have THAT much snow (, but we sure have snow! It’s very windy. Winter was my favorite season when I was 8 and sat inside waiting for Santa, but now that I have to walk in the chilly winter wind every morning… it’s not really a favorite anymore. When we don’t have wind it’s nice though. My dog would like it more if he wasn’t so short and didn’t sink inside of it all the time. πŸ˜›

  16. It was 80 degrees here yesterday, but the storm clouds rolled in today and it barely broke 60. Brrr!

    That snow’s just the way I most appreciate it: in a beautiful picture.

  17. I just arrived in a place that is a good 40 degrees colder than where I was this morning. Oh gawd, my blood needs to thicken up fast.
    (from San Diego to NY)

  18. Phoenix is 75 and sunny. Just to mix things up a little…Oh wait, it’s been 75 and sunny every single day since the heat broke around Halloween.
    It actually rained (like buckets of rain!) last weekend and allegedly we are looking at more this weekend… Rain in the desert is odd and i miss my puppy (in NY with my parents) frolicking in the snow. Might head north this weekend to see some white stuff…

  19. It was absolutely gorgeous here today. It was cloudy today and the sunset was all peaches and ochres. It was also in the mid-60s. Yesterday I drove down past the Strip with the sunroof open the whole time.

    Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, buckets and buckets, as it did last Friday. They canceled baseball practice, which was odd in and of itself, because who plays baseball in November/December? The answer: Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is getting snow, so we can always drive about 30 minutes to visit snow, and then come back.

  20. In Pennsylvania it has to really be snowing for most students to notice after December 1st. When it picks up, though, it’s all you can do to stifle the talk of “early dismissal!?!?”. I’m fairly glad to have left that behind, but now they go bonkers at a 10 degree drop in temperature.

  21. Thank you for posting these ridiculously awesome pictures! – i’ve been pining for snow for weeks. Yesterday we got maybe ¼ of an inch of it, which is still lying on the ground.

  22. The weather where I live was a lovely 80 degrees (F) yesterday. Today it cooled down to a nippy 75. And I loves it! πŸ˜€ I am happy for you and your snow, but I could never live in it. πŸ˜‰

  23. Nice picture of the Creature with Fangs. I have one of those eating, rolling, butt-tucking (labrador -if you’ve ever seen one of these run when they’re are over excited you know what I mean) in snow right now too.
    Several big storms have hit us recently and more coming. I just hope the roads will be clear Sunday. We’re off to the city – if the roads are closed or it’s not blizzard weather.

  24. I love your snow pictures:) I am originally from Michigan, but I now live in Georgia, and I really miss the snow these days.
    I wanted you to know that I’m teaching Fever 1793 to my seventh grade gifted students, and we are loving it. Some kids have said that it’s the best book they’ve read all year. I think they were not sure at first, because they knew it was historical fiction, but they are talking now about how interesting it is:) So, I’m glad I went to ALAN this year and learned more about it. Thank you for your great appearance there! Speak was a favorite of some of my eighth grade gifted students last year, and I also loved that book.

  25. Our weather is the same, of course. We’re from upstate New York ~ the beautiful FingerLakes Region.

    Our kittens are out romping in the snow. It’s the first time they’ve seen it before and they just LOVE it. I’m thinking about handing them all shovels ~ that’ll change their minds in a hurry!

  26. my creature with fangs

    We have a shepherd/husky mix who LOVES the snow! He rolls around in it and tries to eat it as well!
    Lisa T.

  27. πŸ˜€

    These pics of snow and the pup are AMAZING!! They are truly scentric:D hehe. big word for me!!! Is that even a word? Continue to write well Laurie because your book Speak really spoke to me. I have not experianced what Mel had… but I understand the pressures she was under. So continue! I have also checked out of the library(today matter of fact)Fever and Catalyst. I just started Catalyst in study hall 8th period and i got about 1/4 the way done? You are a GIFTED writer! I will be back. I will even start an account on here if you can? Lol. Well, good luck!!
    Sammi Schoen.

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