Back in the Saddle Again (Aerosmith)

This is the first morning that I’ve been able to sit and write, so this will be short. (The deadline clock is ticking and making my stomach jump.)

I am officially Moved North. There were several amusing adventures along the way I’ll tell you about in the next week or so. Some not so amusing, too, but we survived, and that’s the best you can hope for when you’re moving. My office is almost finished…. totally stoked about that. I’ll have pictures soon. I’m looking for an old door (barn or house) to make a desk out of. If you live in Central or Northern New York and you have one to sell, write to me at comments

What else? I have to get some updates for the website to Theo in time for the SPEAK movie showing on September 5th. SPEAK jumped back on the NY Times bestseller list again last week… probably because parents are forcing their kids to do their summer reading. I feel very guilty about this. Somehow the concept of forced reading doesn’t seem like a practical way to encourage kids to love books. It smacks of forcing children to eat overboiled turnips because it’s good for them. I hope SPEAK (and any other of my books which have strayed onto the lists) go down better than overboiled turnips.

We’re also busy making plans to bring my parents North. That might be a novel all on its own.

But I can’t tell you about that now. I have to write.

(Remind me to tell you about the adventure with the bat. The bat with wings.)