I’m still in a fog – feel like I could sleep for a month or three. I’m slogging through my email, so if you’ve been waiting to hear back from me about something, you’ll probably get a message soon. My goal is to get it all done in time to watch the Finals tonight. I’m bummed that Michigan St. won’t be playing.

Sarah writes: My name is Sarah and im a sophmore and Holy Names Academy in Seattle. You came to my school a month or so ago and told us all about your books. After that assembly my friend and i decided we were going to go get your books because they sounded awesome. anyways i’ve just gotten them yesterday, i got Prom and Speak. I got them yesterday around 2 and its almost 1 the next day and i have finished both of them. i absolutely loved both of the books!!!!!! and i cant wait to share them with my friends and read them over and over again. And i cant wait until the Speak movie comes out, i wish they would make one for prom too, i think that would be hilarious!! Thank you soo much for sharing your stories they are incredible! You have picked up an eternal fan!

Thank you very much, Sarah. That’s the kind of letter that makes authors quit whining about being tired.

And then this came in from Rachel:
Dear Ms. Anderson:

As I was quietly fishing through the bookstore one night, I came across “Prom”, your newest book. A golden sticker was plastered on the cover; it said, “Signed Copy.” I opened it, expecting to see a fake, copied signature, but no. I saw your autograph, with the word “Dance!” before it.

This made my day.

At the start of my 8th grade year, if someone had told me your name, I would have gaped at them and asked them, “Who on Earth is she?”

But as I continued on with my year, I was introduced to “Speak.” This entralling and meaningful book was one that I read over and over again in the course of two days. It was amazing and meant so much to me. The voice that you portrayed of the main character was what I loved most. I still read this book daily.

A few weeks later, I read “Fever 1793”. I admit I didn’t read this book as fast as “Speak”, but nevertheless, it was another meaningful yet very different book.

So I then stumble across “Prom,” which I just completed today. I must congratulate you on your success as a writer. You are such a role model to me, as I dream to become someone like you. Your voice is so strong, and speaks out to so many teens. After reading your books, I’ve discovered what being a teenager is really about. You’ve taught me so many aspects of writing, and I thank you dearly for that. I can now say, “Laurie Halse Anderson? She’s my favorite writer.”

Thanks also to Librarian Susan who gave me the great feedback about PROM from the Upper Dublin Book Bites club, and to Robin for the encouraging note.

God, I love my job.

Our Oswego PROM blowout

I graduated from high school 26 years ago, but yesterday I had my senior prom. In a very booky way.

My favorite (and my local, as soon as I move) independent bookstore, The River’s End in Oswego, NY, wanted to throw a big bash for my PROM signing. I started writing the book in the store’s comfy reading chair, and this was the last official stop on the book tour, so it all made sense. The owner, Bill Reilly, also wanted to bring one more round of publicity to Ashley and Bridgette, the masterminds behind The Prom Project, which has raised money and collected donations to ensure that all the students who wanted to attend the prom at Oswego High School could afford to do so.

So yesterday just proved my point that proms (and faux proms courtesy of nice booksellers) can be a lot of fun.

Image hosted by It started with the limo. (Note the muddy condition of our driveway. Central New York welcomed me home with torrential downpours. *huddles under umbrella*)

Image hosted by Jessica performed a miracle with my hair and let me borrow a tiara. Bill provided us with corsages and boutonnieres. We might look middle-aged, but you are looking at two kids whose hearts were thumping.

Image hosted by Hot booksellers! The entire staff dressed up. They decorated the store and Mindy, Bill’s wife, made a cool cake and other yummy munchies. Bookseller Alex made to-die-for peanut butter cups. The staff was busy all day. Despite the monsoon, more than 150 people came out.

Image hosted by That’s me (yes, I really did wear a dress. And stockings. And shoes, not sneakers. Hard to believe.), my Beloved Husband, Scot, and Bill The Magnificent Bookseller.

Image hosted by The New York branch of our family: Scot, Christian, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Nate, who was very patient with all our craziness. (Thank you, Nate.)

Image hosted by The entire staff kicking back at the end of the prom.

A million, bazillion prom queen air kisses to Bill and Mindy, the River’s End staff, Christian for taking the pictures, Mary Jean’s Alterations and Tailoring (tuxedos), Mr. John’s (flowers), and all the amazing people who braved the rain to rock the bookstore. It was the signing of a lifetime.

How do you top that? You don’t. We went home and put on normal clothes, then we ate wings, watched a little basketball, and hung out at the bowling alley with my sister and her family. (Michigan State lost. *hangs head in sorrow*) Today is full of more family events. Tomorrow and Tuesday are trying to catch up on life. I head for the Texas Library Association Conference on Wednesday.

PS – Happy Birthday, Greg!

Very short post

Why is this a short post? Because I have to wake up at 4am. OMG.

Many thanks to the bookstores between South Bend and Indianapolis because we stopped at all of them. Many, many thanks to Sara who came to Borders tonight.

And now, to bed, perchance to sleep. Wicked perchance to wake up on time so I don’t miss my flight.

PS – Beloved Husband is picking me up at the Syracuse airport tomorrow. I predict a very romantic scene.