Thank You, Sarah!

Illustrated by Matt Faulkner

We the people of the United States… almost lost Thanksgiving?

Yes. That’s right!

Way back when “skirts were long and hats were tall” Americans were forgetting Thanksgiving, and nobody seemed to care!

Thankfully, Sarah Hale appeared. More steadfast than Plymouth Rock, this lady editor knew the holiday needed saving. But would her recipe for rescue ever convince Congress and the presidents?

Join Laurie on a journey of a woman and a pen that spanned four decades, the Civil War, and five presidents, all so you could have your turkey and eat it too!

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A Birthday for Sarah A Birthday for Sarah

Praise for Thank You, Sarah!

“Anderson turns a little-known historical tidbit into a fresh, funny, and inspirational alternative to the standard Thanksgiving stories.”
—School Library Journal

“This tale of a little-known historical heroine touts the power of the pen and persistence. … A hilarious spread of presidents Taylor and Filmore passing the buck to Pierce (Lincoln finally makes the day official in 1863) typifies the balance of humor and history in this snappy volume.”
—Publishers Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

What got you interested in this?

An editor who knows how much I love Thanksgiving suggested I look into the life of Sarah Josepha Hale. Once I started digging, I was hooked.

Are you really related to Sarah Josepha Hale?

Yes, she is a very distant great-aunt.

Why is it so hard to find information on her?

A giant collection of her letters that were scheduled to be auctioned burned in a warehouse fire in the early 1900s. That has left historians with not much in the way of primary sources. I hope that someone will soon write a book examining Sarah’s impact on America.

Is it true you want to start a campaign to get the US Postal Service to issue a stamp with Sarah’s picture on it?

Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing in the world? And what a perfect way to honor all that she did for our country! Unfortunately, I do not have the time to lead the charge. I am hoping some bold, brilliant, stubborn, and smart person will step up and get the ball rolling.

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