Independent Dames

Illustrated by Matt Faulkner

Listen up! You’ve all heard about the great men who led and fought during the American Revolution: but did you know that the guys only made up part of the story?

Of course they did, and with page after page of superbly researched information and thoughtfully detained illustrations, acclaimed novelist and picture-book author Laurie Halse Anderson and charismatic illustrator Matt Faulkner prove the case in this entertaining, informative, and long overdue homage to those independent dames!

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Praise for Independent Dames

“Whether the women were disguising themselves as men in order to be soldiers, raising money for suffering soldiers, sewing and knitting for the troops, or participating in protests or a boycott of British goods, their actions were significant.”
—School Library Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it with you and history, anyway?

I LOVE American history!!! We are so lucky to live in this incredible country. I love learning about the past and figuring out how it influences us today.

Did you do a lot of research for this book?

Years and years worth. It was heavenly.

Do you have a favorite Independent Dame?

I adore Susan Boudinot and Deborah Sampson. I really wish I could hang out with Abigail Adams. I have a lot of respect for the women who lived on the frontier, and who had to be brave enough to take care of their families far away from other people.

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