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Great Article from an Awesome Teacher

Want a new approach to teaching SPEAK?  Check out this article written by Sarah Gross and Katherine Schulten, in The Learning Network on the NYTIMES website.  

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    Publication Day will be Tuesday, January 7, 2014. (That means you can buy the book with the gift card or gift certificate you receive over the holidays!) NOTE!!! The tour stops, bookstores and conferences listed below are all ...

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WFMAD Day 18 – Revision Roadmap

WFMAD Day 18 - Revision Roadmap

  The process of Boiling Down The Bones (aka Revision) is the hardest part of the writing process to teach, but I'll give a shot. I'm starting with one massive assumption - you understand that nobody writes a ...

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WFMAD Day 16 – The Bones of the Writing Process – Part 1

WFMAD Day 16 - The Bones of the Writing Process - Part 1

    We suck at teaching writing. We use beige, dust-covered words and arrange them in well-balanced, useless diagrams like this….     … and then we roll our eyes when students say they hate writing. We are idiots. It’s time to rename ...

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