Hotel nights, noisy imagination

I am gifted in a couple of ways. I can eat inhuman amounts of popcorn and still be hungry. I remember obscure words from languages no one has ever heard of. I excel at picking up sticks. And I can sleep. Man, oh man, can I sleep. If someone would pay me to sleep, my income would put Bill Gates to shame.

But not last night.

Can’t blame the hotel – it was quiet here. People are polite and go to bed at a decent hour in Goshen, IN. The Diet Coke at dinner? Maybe that had something to do with it, but BH has seen me put away a pot of coffee and be snoring an hour later. I never turned the TV on. I talked on the phone to various family members, but none of them had disturbing news. (Except for the ER trip for stitches earlier in the day – hope you feel OK this morning, Steven.) But I’m a veteran of ER trips. No, stitches don’t count.

My imagination was in overdrive. Every time I’d turn off the light, it kicked back into gear. I’d scribble down the ideas, look at the clock and decide, “Yes, now I will def. go to sleep.” Light out, head on pillow, and – bam! more ideas! Turn the light on. Scribble more. Over and over this happened, from 10 until sometime after 2 this morning. I look awful this morning. My eyes have enormous bags under them that look like water balloons. But I have half a legal pad of ideas, so I’m not complaining.

(No, I can’t tell you what it’s about. I don’t want to jinx this.)

Off to get coffee, then a trip to Goshen High School.

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  1. for me, popcorn is not at all filling…at first. It’s like I’ll eat gobs full and then it all puffs up in my stomach.
    However I never am full afterward. Just uncomfortable and hungry.

  2. Laurie mentioned her stick-gathering prowess here. I can assure you that picking up sticks is no game to her; it is a very real and serious task :p


  3. hi

    good luck today at Goshen High School! sometimes i get the same way when i’m ready to go to sleep and i get ideas. i’m sure your ideas will turn into a great story! oh and on the popcorn note, i’m the same way with eating about two bowls of popcorn and then i’m still hungry. congrats to the winner! -ash

  4. Haha, that sounds like me. =) Except, it doesn’t really happen to me when I’m trying to go to sleep, it always occurs, strangely, when I’m walking my dog.

  5. I was there today!

    I was in the library to watch you speak today!! It was amazing!! You are definatly the best author!

    <33 LaRae
    The one with the phone that you can take your own pictures on!

  6. YOU!!! which has nothing to do with what u said sorry (te he)

    You are a true inspiration!Our class read the novel “Speak” and watched the movie !!! I loved the movie … i cryed !! which is a good thing.That’s how good it was.Anyways I have written a story it is 60 pages,Another one is 25ish pages.But i always get bored half way into finishing it. I always want more excitement like the first one i wrote. Then again the first one was about romance. But I wonder what a teenager like me and a influnce like you, can write? With your wit and my romance….we could work wonders. But that is a dream…unless a miracle happens and i can finally write something so eye catching and exciting that every teenager wants to buy and indulge.I think i need a push? Or advice? Or heck maybe even writting lessons.As long as someone wants to read my story and adventully novel.thanks for reading

    Grade nine student with a goal… and advice !

  7. Goshen High

    Your Vist was AMAZING!!! its great to know you can still go through what you have and make it big!!! Loved your presentation!!!


  8. Packing Habits

    Totally off subject, but I wanted to ask you anwyay…since you pack a lot and all. When you pack do you feel the need to call someone? Everytime I pack to go somewhere, I have to call someone. It’s just impossible for me to pack without talking to somebody – I always forget something!

  9. mrs.anderson your book SPEAK was a truly amazing i am only in middle school but love to read higher levels because i find the higher the book level the better it gets, i’m writing a book myself all my ideas come to me in CA, in CA i’m writing a bussiness letter to you about how much i enjoy you books
    thank you for you time, young_inspired_writer

  10. Hello Mrs. Anderson

    I remember you talking about Speak when you were at Wheatland, and so I got a hold of my mom’s book. I just now finished it, and I think it’s awesome. Better than Catalyst, even. I hope that Andy Evans ends up in jail.
    PS. Thanks for all the writing advice from before.

  11. You were GREAT!!!!

    I was @ Goshen High when you came and I thought you were hilarious! My group was the one from Goshen Middle School. We all had a blast seeing you! That’s all we talked about for the rest of the day. My teacher thought it was great because you were so relaxed and down to earth. She thought you would be the total opposite. I don’t know if you saw me or not. I had on the Alvin and the Chimpmunks shirt.
    Well, I just wanted to say that I thought it was great for you to come I actually learned quite alot about being an author. Thanks for coming!
    NB =)

  12. Sorry about the sleep thing

    I wish I could mean I was sorry about the sleep thig – and I suppose I am but on a purely selfish level it means you’re working on another book and that makes me a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! Cathy

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