The Vet Volunteers Series

Fight for Life

Fight for Life (Vet Volunteers Series #1)

Maggie’s grandmother runs an animal clinic, Wild At Heart Veterinary Clinic, so Maggie knows her way around animals who are in danger. When she learns that the abused and sick puppies flooding the clinic are from an illegal puppy mill, she knows that she has to find out who’s running it, where it is—and save the rest of the dogs.

“Pet lovers will identify with the young characters as well as with their strong need to solve a real problem.”—School Library Journal

Homeless (Vet Volunteers Series #2)

Sunita has always wanted a cat, but her parents are dead set against it. Then she finds a group of strays living in the wild, and knows she can domesticate them—even though she’s been told that these are feral cats, who see humans as their enemies. First, she convinces Dr. Mac to examine the cats, fix them, and give them shots. Then she wants to re-release the cats, now healthy, into the neighborhood, but the neighbors consider the cats dangerous pests. Will her plan backfire?

“Infused with emotion and information.”—Children’s Literature

Trickster (Vet Volunteers Series #3)

As soon as he sees Trickster, the new horse at Quinn’s Stables, David knows he’s found the horse he was born to ride. But David’s got a reputation as a troublemaker, and Trickster’s still recuperating from an accident. David is determined to clear his name and prove to Mr. Quinn that he’s worth taking a chance on. Can he reach his goal?

“[Trickster] offers, for a refreshing change, a boy who loves horses and riding”—Books for Kids Blog
Manatee Blues

Manatee Blues (Vet Volunteers Series #4)

Dr. Mac has brought Brenna, Maggie, and Zoe to Florida to visit her friend Gretchen, a marine biologist who runs a manatee rescue center that’s in desperate need of money. Brenna’s immediately drawn to the endangered, gentle giants, and wants to do whatever she can to help them—and the center. But is she causing trouble where she wants to help?

“This book easily combines adventure with scientific facts about these endangered marine mammals and should appeal to and help educate young animal lovers.”—Children’s Literature
Say Good-Bye

Say Good-Bye (Vet Volunteers Series #5)

Yum-Yum is an adorable shih tzu and one of Zoe’s favorite clients. When Zoe and Yum-Yum visit a ward of cancer patients, she is amazed by how much joy the tiny dog can spread in an instant. But then Yum-Yum is diagnosed with cancer himself. How can Zoe help the little dog pull through?

“…this book focuses on the value of pet therapy programs and how to participate in them. One of the shining graces of this series is its emphasis on contemporary problems and how today’s children can be a part of their solutions.”—Children’s Literature
Storm Rescue

Storm Rescue (Vet Volunteers Series #6)

Sunita Patel is book smart and good with cats. When a hurricane approaches, Sunita realizes that Lucy, a diabetic cat with a broken leg, is in danger, along with her owner, Mrs. Clark. When the vets are called out on emergency, the evacuation starts. Will Sunita be able to save Lucy or will she be a scaredy-cat?

“[Storm Rescue] provides excellent information about animals, and an inside look at a veterinary clinic…Overall, a very nice book, with characters that model excellent citizenship traits—bravery, friendship and community service.”—Children’s Literature
Manatee Blues

Teacher’s Pet (Vet Volunteers Series #7)

Maggie’s still getting used to middle school. One of her teachers is, too—Mr. Carlson, her new science teacher, is blind, and is working with a guide dog for the first time. Scout is a love of a German shepherd and really wants to do his job, but Maggie can tell that Mr. Carlson’s still having a hard time. Maybe she can help…

“Readers will learn a great deal about guide dogs and their training. They will also be exposed to veterinary medicine via informal, interesting text…highly enjoyable, perhaps because the characters are likable and easy to relate to.”—Children’s Literature
Storm Rescue

Trapped (Vet Volunteers Series #8)

Someone’s been setting animal traps in the nature preserve behind Brenna’s house. She and her older brother, Sage, are furious—not only is that illegal, it’s hurting and killing defenseless animals where they should be safe. They both want to do something, but Brenna’s worried that Sage may have some really extreme plans in mind. Can she rein him in?

“With realistic moral complexity and family conflict and a well foreshadowed resolution added to the basic animal rescue plot, [Trapped] is one of the best written books in this excellent and highly readable series.”—Books for Kids Blog

Fear of Falling (Vet Volunteers Series #9)

David is determined to learn to jump on horseback if it kills him. And sometimes he’s afraid it might— like when Comet balks and won’t go over the crossbar. Now that David’s father is back in town, he’s promised to teach David how to jump like a champion. But David can’t let him know how scared he is. Because there’s one thing that scares David more than falling off a horse, and that’s disappointing his father. Can he overcome his fear, or even talk about it?

“…there will be a certain appeal to pre-teen horse lovers. There is an appendix in Dr. Mac’s newspaper column with information about horses and jumping.”—Children’s Literature
Time to Fly

Time to Fly (Vet Volunteers Series #10)

There’s a flock of parrots in Zoe’s backyard! No one knows where they came from, but they aren’t as big a surprise as the sight of Zoe’s mother, who has just arrived from California. She wants Zoe to move back home with her—something Zoe has been waiting to hear for months. But why does leaving Ambler and Dr. Mac’s place seem so much harder than she expected?

“Preteens should find the book both entertaining and educational. They will learn all about parrots (book includes a “news clipping” about parrots) as well as how to make wise choices when faced with tough situations.”—Children’s Literature

Masks (Vet Volunteers Series #11)

After assisting with her own cat’s emergency surgery, Sunita decides she can no longer work with animals and accepts an internship at a lab, unaware that the research conducted there includes animal testing.

End of the Race

End of the Race (Vet Volunteers Series #12)

Maggie is working at the Wild at Heart clinic when a greyhound with an unusual injury comes in. Its owner won’t give her full name or address. The next day a kitten arrives, badly injured from a greyhound attack. Something fishy is going on, and Maggie’s determined to figure it out. Meanwhile, a new girl at school, Darla, is trying to take over Maggie’s greyhound research-and her starring position on the basketball team. Can Maggie stay focused on the greyhounds and find a way to help them-before it’s too late?

Pet lovers will identify with the young characters as well as with their strong need to solve a real problem.

School Library Journal

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