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WFMAD Day 6 – When The Words Don’t Come

Tweet We all have days when the words don’t come. I hate them. It’s like all my creativity is frozen in a country that has never been drawn on a map. Write? Me? Ha! ::bangs head on table:: Where do these days come from? Sometimes you can pinpoint the spot: you are worried about someone […]
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TweetDoc says I have the flu. I suspect he’s right. I also suspect I have a touch of bubonic plague and more than a little yellow fever as well. I’m taking the medicine he ordered and trying hard not to groan too loudly. More good news about TWISTED came in, but it hurts to type […]
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TweetMost of the day so far was spent doing doctorish stuff (boring tests, nothing scary) and getting back to our house in the boondocks from the big city, Syracuse. I came across mention of the Institution for the Sick and Drooping Poor in a series of essays written by Sir Walter Scott. This was established […]
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The difference between being a “Writer” & an “Author”

TweetThe writing has gone well this week. And that’s all I want to say about that because I am getting superstitious. The other stuff I’ve been doing made me think about the differences between being a writer and being a published author. So, a list. maybe this is my Friday Five. 1. A writer writes […]
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Book Tour Day 8 Report, In Which The Author’s Hand Complains

Tweet What is a stock signing? A. An opportunity for author to quickly drop by a bookstore and sign all of her books. B. The above plus a chance for the author to run around the store and find all her books. C. Both of the above plus the chance to meet all of the […]
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Sunday laundry list of scattered thoughts & plea for help

TweetI have to record a podcast about TWISTED today. This is a new thing for me. What should I include? Should I just read a couple of excerpts from the book? More? Do you listen to podcasts? Why? What do you want to hear? Where does the word podcast come from, anyway? We have a […]
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TweetYesterday I found myself climbing Cascadilla Gorge in Ithaca with Stef (aka Daughter #1) and her godmother, Aunt Beth, who is my best friend from college. Beth and I have known each other for 25 years (gasp!). We met when I was a nervous, lost transfer student to Georgetown. She was the fun, energetic girl […]
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Day 1 of summer and I’m already complaining

TweetAck. Hazy. Hot. Humid. I hate days like this. This will be a short entry, because nobody wants to listen to me whine about the weather. More X-Men 3 Mistakes I feel vindicated. Since movie theaters have air conditioning, I’m thinking I should head to one soon. Any suggestions about what I should watch? I’m […]
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Hotel nights, noisy imagination

TweetI am gifted in a couple of ways. I can eat inhuman amounts of popcorn and still be hungry. I remember obscure words from languages no one has ever heard of. I excel at picking up sticks. And I can sleep. Man, oh man, can I sleep. If someone would pay me to sleep, my […]
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Where am I?

TweetSometimes I wonder… Actually, I’m in PA again. The great part about this trip is that I am able to see two of my daughters while on the road. Hung out w/ Stef last week, have been bugging Mer and her friends all weekend. The weather was cruddy yesterday, so I dragged Mer to a […]
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