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WFMAD Day 8 – Belonging To A Critique Group Without Murdering Anyone

Tweet     A critique group can be a gathering of kindred spirits who comb through each other's manuscripts in the common spirit of raising the quality of their work. These groups sometimes exist for decades and are the source of support, hilarity, Kleenex, champagne and inspiration. Or it can be a group of people who are all […]
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WFMAD Day 7 – Getting Feedback On Your Story

Tweet It's always something, isn't it? You change up your daily schedule to make time for writing and then you WRITE and you create something wonderful and you're so excited, but you are a wise writer, a seasoned artist. You know that you need some feedback before you hire a plane and pilot to drop copies […]
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WFMAD Day 6 – Temper Tantrums & Do-Overs

Tweet   So we're almost to the end of the first week of WFMAD 2013 and it has gotten a little quiet around here. People who were so enthusiatic six days ago have dropped off the radar, guilt-laden and sorrowful. The week after Labor Day is filled with harsh reality as school begins and bosses ramp […]
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WFMAD Day 5 – Finding the Right Tool, Part 2

Tweet   OK. I've meditated and thought very happy thoughts about how this WordPress blog will be completely cooperative today. Keep your fingers crossed! Many of you have written to me with your frustrations about not being allowed to post your comments here because the Evil Capthcha will not let you pass. Others say the Captcha let […]
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WFMAD Day 4 – Finding the right tool, Part 1

Tweet Tool Time! I'm not talking about craft tools, like secrets of great settings, or how to get through a revision without an emotional breakdown. (Do you want me to write about those, too?)   I'm talking about using tools that will help us acheive and maintain focus while we write, plus tools that can […]
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Tweet   First, a standing ovation, please for the unfreakingbelievable Diana Nyad!! After she swam 103 miles in 53 hours (without sleep or a shark cage or fins), Ms. Incredible said, "…you are never too old to chase your dreams." That's why you're here. That's why you're trying to get into the habit of taking just […]
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WFMAD – Day 2 – Your Abundance of Time

Tweet   You're back!!! Yay! Congratulations to everyone who started yesterday and welcome to the newcomers. Thanks to all who took the time to post a comment or something that they wrote yesterday. Was it harder than you thought or easier to take those fifteen minutes? (Note: the first day is the easiest. But don't worry. […]
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WFMAD – Day 1 – Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Tweet WELCOME TO THE 6TH ANNUAL WRITE FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY (WFMAD) CHALLENGE!    This is for you if you want to write. If you struggle to find time to write. If you want to get ready for NaNoWriMo in November. If you are wicked insecure about your writing ability. And if you are a gifted […]
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What Are You Waiting For? – WFMAD Day 31

Tweet   We’re here!! The end of WFMAD, Year 5. How was it? Writing this blog every day turned out to be good discipline for me. I have been a wretched excuse for a blogger in the past year. A blog post is an essay. I would rather work on my novels than write an […]
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Whose Story Is it? WFMAD Day 30

Tweet   Google Analytics tells me that this blog is read by people all over the world. Hello, Egypt! Hello, Germany! Hello, Brasil! Today I am going to focus on an issue central to life in the United States, so I beg forgiveness of those readers who don’t live here. I would, of course, love […]
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