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Unveiling new Mad Woman in the Forest website!!

TweetI’ve mentioned the website overhaul that we’ve been working on in the Forest for a while now. While the old site was very pretty, we had a lot of complaints about the Flash and navigation issues that gave me migraines.Enough of the new site is up and running that we can unveil this, the beta […]
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Brand New Writerlady Dot Com

Tweet:: trumpet fanfare plays and cymbals crash:: Web God Theo Black has finished the major website overhaul at my website, Writerlady.com! All Hail The Theo! All Hail The Theo! All Hail The Theo! Yes, there are nit-picky things to clean up, and yes, there are still a few things to be added, including a page […]
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Ask me questions, please

TweetThis medicine the doc gave me is amazing. I am already feeling much better. Sad, though, about the death of Arthur C. Clarke, whose books, along with Heinlein’s, helped me survive high school. Clarke lived to be 90 years old. I can’t begrudge him getting tired after a while. I am putting the finishing touches […]
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Did you read CATALYST or PROM?

TweetTheo is putting the finishing touches on the playlist section of my Writerlady website overhaul. We’ve got plenty of songs for the other novels (special thanks to handworn and to John Connolly and his students for all their help). We are a little light on the number of songs suggested for PROM and CATALYST. And […]
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Hot Topic – Push Button With Care

TweetWow – yesterday’s post generated 76 LJ comments overnight. I think that may be a record. They are fascinating to read through. Thank you everyone for sharing your opinion about this. After dinner last night, I wrote back to her. I decided that this was indeed a “teachable moment” and if I was going to […]
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I could use a little music help

TweetSo I am sitting in the Detroit airport right now, catching up on my email and looking forward to sushi for lunch. I’ll take pictures, I promise. The flight here was on time and uneventful; loverly. Fingers crossed for the next leg of the trip. Theo has been working away at his forge, crafting a […]
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The most exciting day of the year

TweetTuesday, March 20th, means… … that Spring is finally here. It snowed on and off all day yesterday. … that the TWISTED book contest is closed to new guesses. This is one of the deeper snow drifts around the house – it is about 55 inches high. BH will be monitoring the melting daily. As […]
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Stomach twisting monday

TweetIt’s two weeks until TWISTED is released. Let the nausea begin. I expect to get back my editor’s comments on my WIP today. I want to try and turn it around before I leave. More tummy-twisting. Oh, and yeah, the book tour is in two weeks and I am obsessing about packing and I need […]
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TWISTED live, in Penguin Land

TweetThank you, Book Page, for the excellent review! (Be sure to check out all the featured YA titles, including Cynthia Leitich Smith’s excellent Tantalize.) My totally excellent publisher, Penguin Books, has posted a bunch of TWISTED stuff on their site. You can read the first chapter online! Check out the discussion guide questions. Examine the […]
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TWISTED playlist – vote early, vote often!

TweetI did it! (I think.) Thanks to all of your great suggestions yesterday, and a very, very late last night with Stef and Amy and my husband, I have put together the first crack at the TWISTED playlist and I posted it on iTunes. If you go to iTunes>Music>iMix, type in halse in the Search […]
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