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Except That You Really Need to Read This

Tweet Remember Risha Mullins, the nationally board certified English teacher who was hounded from her job in Kentucky last year? Risha has written about the entire episode. It will chill your blood. This is why we must continue to speak loudly.
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The Community That Speaks and Listens

Tweet I baked on Monday night. It was a shocking event. When my kids were little, I used to bake a lot, but as life got busy, it slipped off the priority list. But the writer’s group was coming to my house on Tuesday, and I wanted to do something nice. Why did I make […]
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Monday Madness & Revision Tip #14

TweetMy local paper ran an article yesterday about my reaction to the recent book challenges. The photographer who came up here to the Forest got a great shot of the magic window. (For the record, I just turned 48 years old, not 49. Geesh.) It is rare that the part of my brain that writes […]
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Revision Tip #5 & love from Missouri

TweetThis one might seem obvious on the surface, but writers are very good at rationalizing and can come up with all kinds of logical-sounding reasons why they should ignore it. Three words. What. Happens. Next. Stories are supposed to flow like a river, not remain still while your character treads water neck-deep in a pool […]
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Indiana mother wants to ban TWISTED

TweetWait, didn’t we do this already?This time the setting is South Central Junior-Senior High School in Harrison County, IN where a parent is filing the paperwork to have TWISTED removed from the school. TWISTED was assigned in this parent’s, Ms. Mathis, son’s English class. An alternative book, THE OUTSIDERS, was made available for students whose parents […]
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No worries, mate – Friday Five Plus One, turtle edition

TweetI didn’t mean to alarm anyone by not posting for a week. Things have been a bit busy. Mostly with good stuff, but at such a fast pace I haven’t had blogging time.First – A wee movie for your enjoyment. This turtle belongs to my daughter, OfficeMouse. When she got the turtle, it was smaller […]
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TWISTED still under threat in KY – you can help

TweetThe English teacher in KY who has been dealing with the challenges to several books, including TWISTED, has to jump through new hoops before the books will be allowed back in the classroom. Three of the books: TWISTED, LESSONS OF A DEAD GIRL, and RAPTURE OF CANAAN have again been banned by the superintendent. According to the teacher, he does […]
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TWISTED banning update

TweetI now have the specifics of the challenge to TWISTED in Montgomery High School in Mt. Sterling, KY.It started as an effort to remove seven books. These were all options for literature circle reads. All seven were pulled from a teacher’s classroom after a parent complained about the content of the books. The first six were […]
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TweetI have not heard anything about the challenge to TWISTED in Kentucky yet.This week’s entries at A.Word.A.Day all deal with censorship. (Thanks to a friend in Maine for the tip!)And this was sort of buried in Tuesday’s post. "The Kids’ Right to Read project is a collaboration of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE) […]
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Autumn, with the smell of book banning in the air

Tweet(Yes, I know this is a long post. With no pictures. It’s important. Please read through to the end. And then pass it on.)While I was out of town last week, I received word of three attempts to remove two of my books from high school classrooms, TWISTED and SPEAK.The challenge I have the least […]
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