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Crazy Love

Tweet(Announcement: I am preparing another vlog. What questions do you want answered? End of announcement)(And now we return to our regularly scheduled blog) Seriously? Sarah Hale is the answer to your Women’s History month needs. Ask Bonnie Jacobs.What else do we have in here,….. ::rummages:: ah, yes! A lovely WINTERGIRLS review from Norway.And much appreciated nods from […]
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Thanking Indies who care

TweetA quick entry… life is almost back to normal, I swear.Thank you, Children’s Book World, for showing the love to THANK YOU, SARAH!!
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TweetThank you all so very much for the lovely birthday wishes. It was a delightful and merry day and I loved hearing from all of youse guys.Yesterday was also important birthday in the Forest: the 221st birthday of one of my all-time favorite Americans: Sarah Josepha Hale.Yes, THAT Sarah Josepha Hale; the woman whom I wrote about […]
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My New Team: Meet Mr. Cat

TweetThank you very much for all the comments yesterday. I fasted, I slept, I looked to the stars for guidance and I have decided to support…. Davidson College: “Where Hoops and Books Coexist”. Even though they are located in you-know-where. And if, by some strange chance, they get beat, I’ll support whoever beats them, and […]
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