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Bouncing on toes

TweetI am standing at the mouth of the Cave of Revision, impatiently waiting for the coffee pot to finish making coffee. I think I have a few more long days on this revision before I turn it in. So. Here are my rambling, hurry-up-coffee-pot notes: 1. Yesterday, I corresponded with readers in Brazil and Norway. […]
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Counting raindrops and boxes on the calendar

TweetHappy is the gardener who gets her plants in the ground and her tools put away before the rain starts. I couldn’t help myself. I jumped the gun this weekend. The broccoli I planted will be fine when the temperatures drop below freezing later this week. It won’t bother the pansies either, though the hollyhocks […]
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It’s Almost Spring

TweetI dashed outside the Cave of Revision this morning and it’s true: it is almost Spring up here on the tundra. In fact, I think it will happen today, while I am deeply buried in my story. I won’t be able to haunt the Forest with my camera to pounce on the Absolute Moment, so […]
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Give & Receive Goodies!!!

TweetI’m emerging briefly from the Cave of Revision (where I had a very nice epiphany yesterday, thank you, and now I’m pretty sure I know how to fix the part that wasn’t working in this story) to check the calendar. Note: there is a chance to win free books ahead, including a collectible first edition. […]
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Want to read it before anyone else?

TweetIt’s time for an update about our Team for Training run. My husband and I are running the Lake Placid Half Marathon on June 15th in honor of my cousin, Darcy Skinner, who is fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and decided to raise a total of $5,000 […]
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Hacking, typing, howling

TweetOK, one more dash from the Cave of Revision, this time to pick up medicine, dump the tissue-filled trash basket, and proclaim thanks and celebration throughout the Forest because my fundraising goal for the Team in Training Half Marathon has been met. Karen McQuestion, a Wisconsin journalist now working on a novel, put me over […]
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quick breath

TweetI am dashing outside the Cave of Revision for a quick breath of fresh air. All is going fairly well. I am working long days, but love being so submerged in my story. One of the characters is now found only on the cutting room floor. Eliminating her cleared up all kinds of structural problems […]
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Officially crawling into cave

TweetYesterday was amazing: our Number One Son qualified for the New York State boy’s swimming meet by taking third place in the 100-meter breast in the preliminary heat at yesterday’s Section III championships. That is a mouthful for an early-morning post. Boiled down to its essence, it translates into: My kid is going to States!!!! […]
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Huzzahs and magnifying glasses

TweetWe got about 18 inches of snow yesterday. The Forest looks like someone painted it with thick fondant icing. I drove through a white-out down to Syracuse (where they didn’t get any of the storm at all, not even a flake) so I could talk about writing historical fiction to a group of teachers. These […]
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the proper name for this draft

TweetThis is the dopeslap draft. I have a headache from hitting myself upside the head every time I figure something out that has probably been obvious for months, only I just realized it for the first time. “Duh! Of course that’s where her father works! Duuuuh, of course she’s going to do that!” I need […]
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