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Wait a minute…

TweetMichigan lost to Appalachian State? Huh?
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My heroes: Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team

TweetI am so angry I hardly know where to start. Don Imus’ racist, pig-headed, degrading, insulting comments about the players of the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team make me sick. Physically sick, close to vomiting. I would love to see him fired, but I don’t think that is going to happen. That is a shame. I […]
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Book Tour Day 7 Report & Sarah Dessen is a Classy Dame

TweetSleep is magical, don’t you think? By the time I crawled into bed last night my eyes had rolled up into my skull and I had to fumble to turn out the lights. I fell asleep with my hand on the light switch. I probably woke up the entire floor with my snoring. I know […]
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Book Tour Day 6 Report – Ohio friends are the best

TweetShort entry because it’s late and the day starts early tomorrow. It did not start early today, thank goodness. I enjoyed a lovely breakfast, read my book, talked to family members and chilled until it was time to leave for Dayton. When I got there, I was shocked to see an actual crowd. On a […]
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Book Tour Day 5 Report – Catching my Breath in Ohio

TweetIt was another early flight out of Miami, but it wasn’t hard to make the plane because I was still buzzing with adrenaline from the Books & Books event. I flew North, to Ohio. My author schlepper here is Kathy Tirschek. (The proper title is “media escort.”) Her job is to take me from event […]
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Book Tour Day 4 Report – Part 2 – Hot Miami Bookstore

TweetWow. WOW. ….. we interrupt this LJ post to point out that the author is pretty much speechless at this point because she is so completely blown away by the Books & Books event tonight. Please bear with her…. Freaking – ohmigah – wow. The world of bookselling changed tonight. Books and Books raised the […]
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Sunday laundry list of scattered thoughts & plea for help

TweetI have to record a podcast about TWISTED today. This is a new thing for me. What should I include? Should I just read a couple of excerpts from the book? More? Do you listen to podcasts? Why? What do you want to hear? Where does the word podcast come from, anyway? We have a […]
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Monday – basketball edition

TweetThey didn’t pick Syracuse for the NCAA tournament? They didn’t pick SYRACUSE for the NCAA tournament?? This is an outrage. Excuse me while I lie on my fainting couch a moment. ::curses stupid selection committee:: Other than that, the brackets are intriguing. If things work out well, we’re looking at a Sarah Dessen (North Carolina) […]
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Another reason to love Syracuse, NY

Tweetis that we have free wi-fi at the airport. Wo-hoo! Just wanted to say thanks to Notre Dame for an excellent game last night. They played way above and beyond the call of duty, esp. that freshman guard, Tory Jackson, who is my New Favorite Player on Opposing Team. It was one of the best […]
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Where are my socks?

TweetPacking and last prep for Michigan today. I am really looking forward to seeing Christopher Paul Curtis, Hope Vestergaard, Marissa Moss, Chris Rascha (can’t find a website for him!), Elizabeth Partridge, David Wiesner, Wendy Mass, Gordon Korman, and Mem Fox. if you are a teacher involved in teaching literacy, reading, writing, or literature to kids […]
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