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Brand New Writerlady Dot Com

Tweet:: trumpet fanfare plays and cymbals crash:: Web God Theo Black has finished the major website overhaul at my website, Writerlady.com! All Hail The Theo! All Hail The Theo! All Hail The Theo! Yes, there are nit-picky things to clean up, and yes, there are still a few things to be added, including a page […]
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Chooing in Chattanooga

TweetI have to admit, I was ignorant. I had no idea Chattanooga was so lovely and filled with exciting things and sweet people. This place needs to go on the Roadtrip Vacation List! Yesterday I talked to students at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences and Tyner High. (Yes, yes, I know I am […]
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Seventh grade…again

TweetYesterday I had the chance to go back to junior high, only now they call it a middle school, and next year they change it again to a K-8 configuration. Levy. On Fellows Avenue in Syracuse. This was not as traumatic as revisiting my high school was. For one thing, I went to Levy with […]
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Thanks, Parkrose and friends!

TweetNow that was fun! I am officially on a hiatus from school visits so I can write all these books that are crowding my brain. This hiatus officially went into effect this autumn, and will very likely extend to the 2010-2011 school year. This is a Good Thing. I need more quiet time at home, […]
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Random school visit question

TweetLike many authors, I visited schools for years to talk about my books and the writing process. I have spoken to around half a million high school students and maybe half as many elementary school students. Yeah, that’s a lot of kids. I loved visiting schools, loved meeting the teachers and librarians, and really learned […]
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The SPEAK house

TweetI’m back in Columbus, OH, where they filmed SPEAK. The librarian at Columbus School for Girls, Beth Abramovitz, generously drove me to the street where the House of Speak is so I could see it. Ta-da! (Yeah, I think they’ve painted it.) Thanks to the young women at CSG for being so sweet and energetic […]
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Amazing Timken Experience

TweetDays like yesterday give me faith in the American High School. Yeah, I really just wrote that. I can’t believe it, either. I have lots of faith in teenagers and good teachers, but I have been in way too many schools where administration was a weak link, and the kids suffered from a lack of […]
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the perfect high school?

TweetFirst things first. Thank you, thank you to the students, staff, and parents of the Chadwick School (esp Kim Sonnenblick!) for making my visit so relaxing and enriching. I enjoyed the last two days so much! Now I am in Cerritos. The ride from Palos Verdes here was mind-boggling; a typical LA mild-traffic jam kind […]
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Chilly CA

TweetIt hasn’t been exactly warm here, but it hasn’t snowed so I’m not complaining. Had a blast at La Jolla Country Day and am doing it all over again at the Chadwick School which I think is just outside LA. (The geography of Los Angeles confuses me. The greater LA area feels as big as […]
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Airplanes are magic

TweetIt’s always hard leaving home, especially for a week. Sunday morning was last minute packing, tea-drinking, mild fretting. Because I had proclaimed Spring the day before, we were enjoying more lake effect snow. The drive south to Syracuse. But we got to the airport in one piece and my flight took off with no problems. […]
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