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From the Lips of a Library God

TweetI went to my school board meeting last night where I was encouraged to hear that the superintendent is revisiting the earlier decision to cut library positions. Will be attending all meetings to make sure that he and the board follow through on this wise choice. Neil Gaiman says "libraries are as important as they have ever […]
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And on a more positive note

TweetTaking deep yoga breaths all night calmed me down. A little.Today is Make A Difference Day. Make It Better Day.FIRST THING TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER!(photo from The NOLA Tree)The NOLA Tree is a project run by some friends of mine. They take groups of teen volunteers to New Orleans to help families rebuild their homes after the Katrina disaster. Check […]
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OK, now I’m getting angry

TweetI have been stunned by the ignorance I’ve run up against in the past two weeks. I say "ignorance" because my mom raised me to be sweet and I will give someone the benefit of a doubt until they prove to me that they have a head full of manure or they’ve been bought off […]
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Happy National Library Workers Day!!!

TweetToday is National Library Workers Day!Hug your librarian. Worship her. Buy him lunch. Tell all the librarians in your life how important they are. Then go and tell their bosses because we all need libraries that are staffed with passionate, qualified librarians. And here is another pithy quote from me:   "Every town deserves a library.Every school […]
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“Only Thing More Expensive Than Education Is Ignorance”

TweetTomorrow I head to Ohio for the Virginia Hamilton Conference, so today is filled with much rushing about and checking off of to-do lists.Thing the first: post this video.Here’s a short video of me explaining why every school must have a library and a qualified librarian to students at my local high school.  Here are the […]
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April is the Coolest Month

TweetMr. Eliot had it wrong; April is not the cruelest month, it is the coolest month!April is National Poetry Month.April is Autism Awareness Month. And, of course, April is SCHOOL LIBRARY MONTH! In fact, it is the 25th Anniversary of School Library Month.And I am the "official spokesperson"!::stands and bows deeply::::adjusts crown::(No, they didn’t give me […]
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