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WFMAD Day 18 – Revision Roadmap

Tweet   The process of Boiling Down The Bones (aka Revision) is the hardest part of the writing process to teach, but I'll give a shot. I'm starting with one massive assumption – you understand that nobody writes a publishable first draft and everyone's work can be made better with revision. For the record, my novels […]
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Finding Light in the Winter Bleakness of Rejection

Tweet As we approach Winter Solstice and Christmas (and just enjoyed Hannukah), your thoughts are likely drawn to the way we crave light in the darkness. If you are a writer, this means your thoughts drift to rejection. I wrote a guest blog post on how to triage rejection pain over at The Debutante Ball. […]
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Magic Question of Revision

TweetI am busy created content for my website. Here is one of the videos, in which I deal with the phrase "rough draft" and then give you the Magic Question of Revision.Any thoughts?
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It’s Getting Silly Around Here & Revision Tip 23

TweetThe Creature With Fangs Elfed yesterday.My Beloved Husband Elfed yesterday.Queen Louise Elfed yesterday.And I did, too.A most merry time, indeed!Revision Tip #23I rarely have the image systems of my books in mind when I start writing. But by the end of the first or second draft, some image (symbol for Eng lit majors) has cropped up […]
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The care and feeding of julenisse & Revision Tip #22

TweetAll work in the Forest today will grind to a halt as we enjoy the ceremonial viewing of Elf. And we might even make spaghetti with maple syrup. I got to thinking about my family’s tradition of setting out rice pudding for the julenisse. Nisse have been around long before Christmas celebrations. English words that […]
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Two Tips In One Day!

TweetGood Solstice, everyone! I feel like calling your main character Rudolph today. (Humor me.) Revision Tip #20 Don’t make it too easy on Rudolph. Your story should not be a tale of the desires of Rudolph. It should be the thwarted desires of Rudolph up until the very end, when finally, FINALLY, things go right, […]
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Revision Tip #19

TweetBeware of echoes and doppelgängers! Maybe I am the only writer in the world who suffers from this bad habit. It makes me crazy. I do it in every blasted book, no matter how hard I try to be aware of it early in the process and avoid it. I always create characters that are […]
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Christmas Memories & Revision Tip #18

TweetSometimes people forget that I wrote PROM because it is not exactly a depressing book. In fact, it’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself. (If I had dread, depression and death in all of my books, I would not be a healthy person!) So it is with great joy that I announce that […]
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ThinkB4YouSpeak & Revision Tip #17 – consider the reader

TweetWonderful news of positive change from GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)! After one year of their hard-hitting "Think Before You Speak" campaign, teens attitudes about anti-gay language have significantly shifted. From the GLSEN website: "For instance, findings from a recent survey conducted by the Ad Council in 2008 and 2009 of teens […]
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Skipped one, sorry about that, Revision Tip # 16

TweetYesterday was…. let’s not go into it. Today is here and that is all that matters. If you are still shopping for a winter holiday, read "Cheese and Crackers Never Changed Anyone’s Life" and then finish your shopping at Indiebound. There now – wasn’t that simple? Congratulations to Melissa on this WINTERGIRLS video – the […]
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