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Lightning Round

Tweet   The clock is ticking ever closer to the start of the FORGE book tour, and the available hours to get everything done by then are becoming perilously few. So I am going to turn this blog into a lightning round. Ready? Last week: the Scroggins book banning kerfuffle. Lots of interviews. Said “Scroggins” […]
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And more Abigail

Tweet This round of historical detection is ending. This is the house that Abigail and John Adams lived in after they returned from Europe. They called it Peacefield.I found much material to make me ponder and start planning a different research trip to some obscure archives. I adore primary sources, don’t you?
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Chicken Update & suitcase

TweetThe chickens continue their nuclear growth. Now they have tail feathers that look like a Victorian lady’s bustle. Here’s a quick clip filmed by Queen Louise of me in the temporary play yard with them.I’m off on a research trip for my Abigail Adams picture book. Not sure if I’ll be blogging or vlogging from […]
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Listening to ghosts

TweetI’ve been reading the diary of Benjamin Gilbert, who was an American soldier for the entire Revolution. Most of the diary is filled with one or two line entries about the weather.May 1778the 3rd Sunday. Fair Pleasant day.the 5th Fair and Clear.the 6th. Fair.the 7th. Clear and warm.You get the gist.Then there are the entries […]
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running forward

TweetMany, many thanks to everyone for the kind notes and condolences for my sister and her family. They are muddling through the best they can, and the love of others sure makes a big difference. It was actually very nice to have work as a distraction. So I am drawing the curtain across the lingering […]
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The Fog of Research & WFMAD Day 13

TweetMy head hurts. I overstuffed it with facts and dead bodies and ghosts yesterday. BH and I drove out to a couple of Revolutionary War sites and met with a man who has been studied the events that happened there his entire life. I took a million photos and asked half a million questions. I’ve […]
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