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W & P Q #6, and no, I didn’t know my voice could go that high

TweetRandom fact: I sing alto. If I have a cold, my voice goes even deeper, pitching down into Lauren Bacall range. But apparently, under the right circumstances, my voice climbs the octaves until I sound like a very small mouse or someone who has spent too much time around helium balloons. The “right circumstances” being […]
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W & P Q #5 & vacation ideas & literary tattoos

TweetLooking for a place for a vacation combined with books? You can stay at Nora Robert’s B&B or follow the Bookstore Tourism blog and plan your trip accordingly. Then there’s always the Library Hotel. Do you have any other book/author-friendly vacation spots? Unrelated, but fascinating, to me anyhow. Do you remember, in TWISTED, the English […]
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Writing & Publishing Questions Batch #3, with ice and snow

TweetMust start with art today. Nature’s art. Our back porch has a metal roof. The last two days have been warmer than usual and the thick blanket of snow on the roof has been slooooooowly sliding down. Then it refreezes. Next day it warms up, slooowly slides some more, and refreezes. Early this morning, it […]
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Writing & Publishing Questions Batch #2

TweetWent for a nice walk in our Little Forest yesterday with the Creature With Fangs and my Beloved Husband. BH is cooking up a new project that I’ll be blogging about soon. Can anyone guess what it is? Whilst perambulating, I came across the first hint of Spring. We are still likely to get snow […]
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Writing & Publishing Questions Batch #1

TweetThanks for all the great questions!!! Let’s get to it! You asked: When your first book was published, was it by a small, independent company or one of the larger, well-known ones? If a publisher rejects you, should you send the same manuscript back to them a year later, or assume that they’re not interested? […]
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25 random… one day late

TweetYes, it’s a Facebook meme, but I feed my LJ to my Facebook, so this is called efficient blogging. 1. I am too busy for this meme. 2. – 25. See above. Honest – I’ll try it again in the summer. Everything that came to mind to write in the meme had to do with […]
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to the parents of the future writers of America…

TweetI often hear from young readers asking my advice about how they can become an author, but yesterday, the question came from a different angle. The mother of a talented teen writer wrote in asking my advice. She wrote “I need some advice (please)…… My teenage daughter writes beautifully and her teachers are saying she […]
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More Financial Truth and WFMAD Day 19

TweetYesterday post about the financial realities of writing provoked a lot of comment. Has SCBWI ever done a workshop about this? It’s the kind of practical nuts-and-bolts stuff people should know, IMHO. In response to the post, a Constant Reader on MySpace posed this question: When you go to conferences- like the ALA and such- […]
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Cold Hard Facts About the Writing Life & WFMAD Day 18

TweetThis question came into my Facebook page earlier in the week: I am sure you are asked this question constantly, but do you have any advice for aspiring authors? i am so passionate about writing, i read often, and i hope to publish a novel one day and share my writing with others. it’s funny, […]
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More about what students write to authors

TweetApparently there is a discussion going on at some listserv about teachers assigning students to communicate with authors. I’ve talked about this here before. It can be wonderful (most of the time) and frustrating, especially if a reader’s grade hinges on hearing back from the author, or if the reader writes demanding the author explain […]
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