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to the jerk who trespassed in the Forest

TweetOver the weekend someone slashed our “Obama for President” sign with a knife. Sliced it into ribbons. In honor of that person, I’ve decided to make another contribution to Sen. Obama’s campaign. I am actually a more conservative person than most people might guess. I am a registered Republican, although the leadership of both parties […]
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Showing Fangs, Seeding Ideas & WFMAD 22

TweetOur wood for the winter should arrive this week. Whatever day it gets here is guaranteed to be 90 degrees and humid. It’s a law of physics. Wood needs to be stacked in garage = unseasonably hot weather + new hatching of mosquitoes and deerflies. But it’s comforting in a weird, sweaty way, to know […]
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looking for SPEAK teachers, my thoughts on TV for writers

TweetI have an email from a teacher in Australia who wants very much to teach SPEAK. She needs our help. The books have already been purchased, but the principal is having second thoughts about putting the book in curriculum. She writes: …could you please help me with some real examples of ‘Speak’ being used effectively […]
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on and on

TweetMy father-in-law is responding to the meds and is awake and aware. Grandmother Death seems to have given him a pass this week. I am at the end of the revision of my historical – huzzah – and am looking forward to getting back to the new WIP. Our problems with Time Warner Cable – […]
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Looking for answers

Tweet I want a magazine that refuses advertisements that use these deceptive dollbaby images. I want models who don’t look like lollipops. I want Hannah Montana to stop grinding her hips when she dances in front of an audience of 9-year-olds. What do you want from the worlds of fashion and entertainment? To balance out […]
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A Mad Woman Rants

TweetMy health insurance company, Aetna, sent me a letter on Thursday. It was polite, up until the point where they raised our monthly premium 25%. On the same day, Aetna announced a 16% jump in their second-quarter earnings. I have been an Aetna customer for years. They took good care of us. But we officially […]
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Magazines are bad for you

TweetI hate the American fashion industry and the stupid magazines that promote unrealistic bodies and try so hard to make us feel bad about ourselves so we’ll buy all the crap they advertise and read the pathetic articles. I call boycott. A pox on all their houses.
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One of the best days

TweetSorry for being so absent, but I am trying to finish a bunch of stuff. Details later. In the meantime, here is one of my most favorite pieces of writing. Give yourself a treat and read it out loud today. Slowly. “IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of […]
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“Chickenbutt!!!!!!!” she screamed

TweetChickenbutt is my new all-purpose curse word. I stole it from an NPR piece I heard in which it was the “clean” curse that a truly foul-mouthed elderly great aunt used when in the presence of delicate ears. So when I say “chickenbutt,” please substitue the ugliest, nastiest curse you know so you can get […]
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My heroes: Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team

TweetI am so angry I hardly know where to start. Don Imus’ racist, pig-headed, degrading, insulting comments about the players of the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team make me sick. Physically sick, close to vomiting. I would love to see him fired, but I don’t think that is going to happen. That is a shame. I […]
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