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Christmas Memories & Revision Tip #18

TweetSometimes people forget that I wrote PROM because it is not exactly a depressing book. In fact, it’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself. (If I had dread, depression and death in all of my books, I would not be a healthy person!) So it is with great joy that I announce that […]
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Want to Hang Out With Me Tonight?

TweetTomorrow I will write about The Very Nearly Perfect Thing That Is Happening Today. But fear not! I have a number of Totally Excellent things to write about today, including information on hanging out with me at 9 PM (EST) tonight. Totally Excellent Thing #1: The School Library Journal has a wonderful online teen newsletter […]
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Loving the Mitten State

TweetWhat a great way to start the week – TWISTED has been selected as one of the 2008 Michigan Library Association’s Thumbs Up! Award honor books. THANK YOU, MICHIGAN!! Woooooooo! ::runs around office, tripping over stacks of books:: (I’ll post a link to the complete list as soon as it is available.) The weekend flew […]
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Start dancing!

TweetThe wonderful folks over at Readergirlz have declared the month of June to be PROM month. As in, the book I wrote called Prom. The site is fantabulous. You can: 1. download a poster there, 2. read a quick interview with me (and follow links to other interviews) 3. listen to the playlist I put […]
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Where is my list?

TweetThank you to everyone who came out to the bookstore in Oswego last night! (I also snuck into Oswego High School yesterday, courtesy of English teacher Heidi Sheffield, and surprised several classes of students who have been reading SPEAK. Thanks, Heidi and kids!) River’s End Bookstore celebrates its 10th anniversary on Sunday. If you’re in […]
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Did you read CATALYST or PROM?

TweetTheo is putting the finishing touches on the playlist section of my Writerlady website overhaul. We’ve got plenty of songs for the other novels (special thanks to handworn and to John Connolly and his students for all their help). We are a little light on the number of songs suggested for PROM and CATALYST. And […]
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First catch-update: Indiana PROM contest winner

TweetStill scrambling to get life back in order after the last two months of travel, so bear with me, please. The whole reason I went to Indiana was to celebrate the writing talent of Chelsey W., a senior at Goshen High School in Goshen, IN. She won the Baker & Taylor PROM contest. As a […]
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We have a winner!

TweetPacking one last time tonight! I leave tomorrow for Goshen, IN where I will spend Wednesday speaking at Goshen High School. Why? Because that is where the winner of the PROM contest goes to school. I’m still waiting for releases to post the names and writing samples of the winner and runners-up, but I guess […]
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Writing Question #1

TweetI just wrote a post about how today will be filled with the joys of pulling together my taxes, but I realized it was stupid so I deleted it. Instead, I’ll dig out one of last month’s writing questions: “How does an idea become a whole story?” ::pause to stare at screen:: ::types something:: ::deletes […]
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Dare to Read

TweetWell this is something I never saw coming! PROM was chosen to be part of Elle magazine’s Dare To Read Bookclub. Somehow, this qualifies me as an Elle girl. (I wonder if I can get that on a tee shirt.) Elle is having a contest, too – free books as the prize, so hop over […]
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