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Instead of writing a blog today…

TweetI’ll be busy at the New York SLMS conference, hanging with awesome librarians, and (rumor has it) picking up the Knickbocker Award, which I am stoked about. Details and pics later, I promise. Be sure to squeeze in some poetry today and make time to hug a librarian!!!!
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Tabs like seeds growing & a poem to make you sing

TweetI’m in cleaning frenzy mode before the NYC trip.  This morning’s task is to clean up all the open tabs. I hope you are feeling in a clickety-linkety mood this morning.A day this beautiful should begin on a note of poetry perfectly balanced between joy and melancholy. Read "Some Me of Beauty" by Carolyn M. Rodgers.My […]
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one more friday thing because this poem just rocked me

TweetThis poem by Sherman Alexie is echoing inside me.
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Booktour news and WFMAD 25

TweetNo, the firewood isn’t here yet. Yes, it’s going up to 80+ degrees so we are unlikely to need it tonight. But OfficeMouse and her Faithful Companion are leaving soon which means it will be BH and me on stacking duty. Maybe I should invite everyone in Blogland to come help. I could feed you […]
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Write 15 Minutes a Day Challenge (WFMAD) – Day Eleven

TweetWarning: cherry jam can be habit-forming. I am sneaking back to the orchard as soon as it opens for another fix. My works? A cherry pitter, clean glass jars, pectin, and a large vat of boiling water. I keep misspelling cherry as “cheery.” There is subtext in that, I think. Two recent blog bits saluted […]
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My coffee cup runneth over

TweetI live a charmed life. There is no doubt. In the last 48 hours, friends of mine in the publishing world, in education, fellow writers, relatives, high school buddies, readers, and students getting by on ramen noodles have contributed a total of $1,100 to our race effort!!! That means we are already more than 20% […]
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Friday 5

TweetWhat’s something that’s hanging from your ceiling? A small glass star, filled with wishes. What’s something that’s hanging on your wall? A poem by Louis Erdrich. (scroll to May 29th.) What’s something that’s hanging in your closet? Enough sweatshirts to get me through the winter. What’s hanging from your rear-view mirror? (for those without cars, […]
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Back and flying

TweetEver have an experience that was so amazing on several levels that you don’t want to talk about for fear of somehow disturbing or diluting the memory? That’s what the poetry weekend retreat was like for me. That’s also why you won’t be getting many details, except that it was a much-needed creative and spiritual […]
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thoughts poetical

TweetI’m off to spend the weekend at a poetry retreat in the mountains. Sure does feel good to write that (Bored? Leave something poetic in comments.)
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Talking about leaving the nest!

TweetSeveral of my chicks have flown the nest in a big way. I’m not sure how I feel about this. This is the paradox of parenting. You want to raise your kids to be strong and kind, to have a sense of morality and direction, to make good decisions, etc etc, blah, blah blah. But […]
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