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Year’s End in the Forest

Tweet Things have been a-hopping in the Forest for the past week as we’ve been enjoying all kinds of family gatherings and celebrations. We hung eleven stockings by the chimney with care (including one for each dog). No, the chickens did not get stockings. However I decorated their coop with big red bows and made […]
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playing catch-up

TweetI will be using today’s subject line a lot in the next four months! Life is busy – good busy. I am so incredibly blessed to have all this fun stuff to do! Right now most of my time is spent working on the new book (it’s a historical that continues the adventures of the […]
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TweetNot only have I worked on books every single day this year, but I posted to the blog every day in July, too. That’s so much blogging, I think it qualifies as blahhhhging. I have no idea how people do this regularly. I will not be posting as much in August. The new book is […]
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down to the wire pesto recipe & WFMAD 30

TweetThe Goddess of YA Literature ventured into picture book territory yesterday and reviewed a number of recent picture books, including INDEPENDENT DAMES. It is an honor and a hoot to have the book compared to the MAGIC SCHOOL BUS books, which I love. A couple of you have asked for my pesto recipe. I mostly […]
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Hero worship & WFMAD 28

TweetToni Morrison is one of my heroes for many reasons; she’s a gifted, brilliant, powerful author, she lived in Syracuse NY for a while, and now, she’s helping our country remember. (Here’s a non-NY Times link for those of you who aren’t registered with them.) That bench is now on my Must-Visit list. I am […]
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Magic Monday & WFMAD 21

TweetMy weekend was a quick research trip, lots of library time, weeding the garden when the rain stopped, and – last night while hanging out with the family – cracking open dried cherry pits so the meat inside the pit could be added to the dark cherry liqueur I am brewing up for Christmas time. […]
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The Fog of Research & WFMAD Day 13

TweetMy head hurts. I overstuffed it with facts and dead bodies and ghosts yesterday. BH and I drove out to a couple of Revolutionary War sites and met with a man who has been studied the events that happened there his entire life. I took a million photos and asked half a million questions. I’ve […]
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Write 15 Minutes a Day Challenge (WFMAD) – Day Ten: Basil & Cherry Edition

TweetI am deep in 18th-century research and writing again, but it’s summer, which means other things are calling my name. Like basil. And cherries. I’ve been getting up wicked early (5ish), working in the garden, and then sitting down at my desk by 6:30 am most days. I work until the late afternoon, then turn […]
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Garden Update

TweetLest you think I’m only going to blog about writing this month, I thought I’d give you a peek in the garden, my other summer passion. The hollyhocks have started to bloom. I wish I could crawl inside one. Here is one of the stone planters, filled with a combination of vegetables and flowers. The […]
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ALA Photos, Round Three and A Hero

TweetWe’ll start tonight’s picture show with the gorgeous smiles of Kevin Lewis and Holly Black. Yes, he’s Holly’s editor, too. If you’re a teacher or librarian, you want to know the good people of TeachingBooks.net. TeachingBooks ” is a time-saving portal to thousands of online resources you can use to explore children’s and young adult […]
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