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How we start summer in the country

TweetNow that all danger of frost is gone (not that it is ever truly gone up here), what did we do with that beautiful hot day yesterday? BH, Son & I split, hauled, and stacked seven cords of wood that we will burn next winter. We did it the modern way, with a nice hydraulic […]
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A desperate student question & a couple calm ones

TweetKatie writes: I have a few more questions to ask you. If you could, please answer these as quickly as possible. Do you have any idea of how many copies of “Speak” were sold? Thank you so much!! If you could, please post the answer on your web site. I’ll be looking for it. It […]
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Who is afraid of Friday the thirteenth?

TweetNo paraskevidekatriaphobic am I. Bring it on, I say!! Friday morning mail call: Max writes: Hey. I loved the book Speak, and the movie was a great adaptation of it. I was just wondering if you plan to sell the movie rights of your other books to any companies. I think Speak turned out great, […]
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