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Writers helping Joplin, MO

Tweet UPDATE!!! Thanks to you, we raised $4,000 in four days for the Red Cross efforts in MO!! I really appreciate everyone pitching in. Will be announcing the raffle winners in a few days. You all know of the devastation that hit Joplin, MO. Folks are still looking for loved ones. Those who survived the […]
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Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!

TweetIsn’t this an awesome day?????? Santa is already getting busy with it. It’s snowing again. We have sugar plums and rice pudding for the nisse in our future. And we have to watch Elf (which BH hates) so we can scream out all the best lines. After last minute hurrying and scurrying, we’ll head out […]
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Warning – mushy romantic post

TweetSome of you know this story, but for those who don’t here goes. I have known my husband since I was three years old. He was six when we met; an older, wiser man. Our mothers were best friends and liked to drink coffee in the afternoon, so he was in charge of walking me […]
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