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Hot Topic – Push Button With Care

TweetWow – yesterday’s post generated 76 LJ comments overnight. I think that may be a record. They are fascinating to read through. Thank you everyone for sharing your opinion about this. After dinner last night, I wrote back to her. I decided that this was indeed a “teachable moment” and if I was going to […]
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a five of fridays

TweetI am a huge word geek (show love for the linguistics majors, my friends) and one of my favorite things is collective nouns. So I am all over this Friday Five: What would be a good collective name for your family, as in “A _____ of Joneses?” We are a hug of Halse-Anderson-Larrabees. What would […]
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Shaking out the mailbag

TweetToday’s post empties my email bag… the handwritten stuff is almost finished, too. I’ll be spending most of Saturday at the Sectionals swim meet in Syracuse, and I’ll bring what’s not done with me to finish there. Be sure to read the first letter (below), because I want the opinions of you guys who visit […]
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