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Badass dames

Tweet Helllllllooooooo Women’s History Month! The fantabulous dames over at readergirlz have designated March as Risk-Taking Month. On the last day of February (Loyalty Month) they featured Independent Dames; What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution. But given the subject matter, I think we can celebrate it in both […]
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Friday Five Linkety Love for You

Tweet1. Thank you everyone for the kind words about my vloging* attempt. Based on the feedback, I’ll be doing  lot more of this. In fact, I’ll be taking questions on my Twitter feed this afternoon, so if you have something you want me to answer on camera, let me know. I will try to post […]
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Friday Five – Book News Edition & Twitterpation

TweetThank you everyone for the very sweet comments and emails about the O’Dell Award! I am still tingling with excitement and hyperventilating. Christmas is finally over up here on the Tundra. We’ve had Daughter #1 (aka Bookavore) and her boyfriend up here for the final celebration. Author Alert – Bookavore is moving to the Big […]
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down to the wire pesto recipe & WFMAD 30

TweetThe Goddess of YA Literature ventured into picture book territory yesterday and reviewed a number of recent picture books, including INDEPENDENT DAMES. It is an honor and a hoot to have the book compared to the MAGIC SCHOOL BUS books, which I love. A couple of you have asked for my pesto recipe. I mostly […]
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More Getting Published Stories & WFMAD Day 20

TweetIt finally rained last night and I slept in. I feel like declaring today to be a national holiday. Another faithful reader of the blog posed a few publication questions yesterday: Have you ever spent time (be it weeks, or months) on a story proposal to the publisher and they (for whatever reason) turned it […]
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crazy goldfinch, writing process questions & ALA schedule

TweetWe have a male goldfinch who thinks our house is a romantic rival. Seriously. For three days, he has been flying up to the building and attacking it with his beak. He is most persistent. I’ve heard him muttering: She’s mine, I say, MINE. get away, you fool. Don’t you see your quest for her […]
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Bouncing on toes

TweetI am standing at the mouth of the Cave of Revision, impatiently waiting for the coffee pot to finish making coffee. I think I have a few more long days on this revision before I turn it in. So. Here are my rambling, hurry-up-coffee-pot notes: 1. Yesterday, I corresponded with readers in Brazil and Norway. […]
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The Ladies are in the House!

TweetHaving your new book – the book you’ve worked on for years, dreamed about, fussed about, cried over, danced with, bored your relatives to tears with (“aren’t you done with that thing yet?”) – having that book arrive is the closest thing possible to the moment when you give birth to a child. Without the […]
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Five Great Announcements

TweetDon’t know about where you live, but this morning is one of the most beautiful we’ve had in a while. When the Creature With Fangs and I stepped outside, she looked around and said “Dang! Why can’t it be like this all the time?” So, basking in natural goodness, I make Five Friday Announcements: 1. […]
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Foggy Lincoln morn

TweetI am writing this in the Springfield, IL airport, which is wrapped in fog so thick the planes can’t land or take off. Yesterday was a crazy busy wonderful day at one of the best state reading/English teacher conferences I have ever been privileged to attend. Thank you to everyone in IL who greeted me […]
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