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RIP Helen Thomas

Tweet I owe the late, great Helen Thomas a debt of gratitude. My entire generation does.
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Tweet Thank you all for the great comments and links to my post about the WSJ article. I hope that we can all find a way to reach out to people who are unfamiliar with the wide and wonderful world of Young Adult fiction and help them learn about the variety and significance of the […]
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Roadtrip to hang out with me!!

TweetMy friends Ellen Yeomans and her husband Chris Arnold lost their daughter Paige to leukemia in 1994, just before she was due to start third grade. Frankly, I don’t know how they found the strength to go on after that. But they are amazing people. They did not simply find a way to live. They found […]
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Oh Happy Day!

TweetThere is a lot of music in my head. I always have a song playing in the background of my mind and I ALWAYS wake up hearing a song on Radio Laurie. That song often reflects my mood. This makes it easy to figure out what I’m feeling.Yeah, weird. I know. But it is the only […]
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WFMAD Day 31 – celebration & reflection

TweetWe did it!!!One entire month (a long one, too! August has 31 days! remind me to do WFMAD in February next year) of daily writing. For those of you who rose above your doubts and fears and met this challenge with daily success, I bow my head in respect and offer my congratulations.This writing thing is […]
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The Details of Today’s Adventures! With More Dancing!

TweetI have finally calmed down and warmed up enough to blog. Sort of. Where to start? I know. Congratulations to all of the winners and honor book winners announced today at ALA MidWinter!!! (I am looking for one page to link to that lists all of the winners. Can anyone help with that?) I am […]
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On your marks, get set…

TweetThe Big Day is almost here: time for our race. Thanks to your generous donations, BH and I have raised $5,652 for cancer research. We are sort of in shape, but in no danger of being plucked from the crowd and offered a spot on the Olympic team (whew!). We’ve had a lot of fun […]
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In which the author blushes and stammers

TweetSo….. This is one of those “out of body” things. One of those weird turns on the path of life that you don’t see coming, and it’s really fun, but at the same time you keep doubting it’s real, then you feel dumb for doubting, because, after all, they are very smart people, and yes, […]
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Beautiful and Unexpected Things

TweetIt is Friday, so I will list Five Beautiful and Unexpected Things. As an added bonus, two come with pictures. 1. Meredith the Office Mouse spent part of yesterday weeding through a mountain of books so that BH can build some bookshelves. By the end of the day, she made an amazing discovery. She found […]
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My coffee cup runneth over

TweetI live a charmed life. There is no doubt. In the last 48 hours, friends of mine in the publishing world, in education, fellow writers, relatives, high school buddies, readers, and students getting by on ramen noodles have contributed a total of $1,100 to our race effort!!! That means we are already more than 20% […]
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