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Video to bake by

TweetThe cleaning and decorating in the Forest in finally done. (Pics tomorrow!) Today I’ll be trying to make a gingerbread house and baking biscotti and other family favorites. And it’s time to make the rice pudding for the Julenisse! While puttering around the kitchen, I’ll be catching up on videos that I’ve bookmarked. Do you […]
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Los Angeles, Day #1

TweetThe “Here and Now” NPR interview is up!! Have a listen and tell me what you think! After a couple of radio interviews first thing in the morning, I set out on the great adventure. Had three wonderful school presentations, thanks to the coordination by Children’s Book World. Because this is LA, we were able […]
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Eating in Greenpoint

TweetReady to dash off to meetings, but wanted to share some pics from yesterday first. I flew to NYC and met up with daughter Bookavore so she could show me her new world. She lives close to this amazing bakery. When you already have a tattoo that matches the name of your bookstore, it’s a […]
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Dawn Patrol

TweetYesterday was a lucky day for me. My tomato plants survived the frost, snug in their little handmade hoodies. My flights were on time, my flights were (relatively) comfortable, and my luggage did not wander off on its own. AND I won a contest. I have never won a contest before in my whole life. […]
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TweetChapter 20, which has been giving me fits for days, is finally done. HA! I’m pretty sure it’ll be heavily reworked in the next draft, but for now, it’s good enough and I’m stoked to be moving on. Is anyone else confused by this? Along with the very exciting news that I get to move […]
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Starting to rub the sticks together

TweetI am in Burlington VT, taking a break from chapter 20, to say how exciting it is to be here at the Kindling Words retreat! There are old friends here, and people I’ve been looking forward to meet. Oh, and there is food. No, not your typical rubber chicken fare. This retreat is held at […]
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TweetYesterday was a very, very intense day. Wonderful, every single minute of it, but wicked intense. I feel like an apple that was peeled with a dull knife and left on the counter overnight. It’s weird because I used to be a profoundly shy person, and then I learned how to be brave and extroverted, […]
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Portland dinner

TweetI was lucky enough last night to have dinner with a group of people from the Multnomah County Library system (the nice folks who brought me out here) at a lovely Italian restaurant a couple of blocks from my hotel. (I had a fra diablo spaghetti studded with shrimp, clams, and fish.) But I am […]
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TweetI’m in Oregon now, free wifi at my hotel – wa-hoo! I need to catch you up on my Michigan adventure. First the Detroit airport. Which I love because they have one of those cool colorful tunnels that connects the consourses and it changes color a lot! Connecting through Detroit always means a trip to […]
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Random Saturday thoughts, head start on Sunday’s

TweetI have figured out why our computer system, cable, Internet and phone have been messed up for two weeks. My Muse has transformed herself into the Ghost in the Machine and is haunting all of the electronic communication devices in our house so I have more time to write. I love her. We have had […]
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