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Save A Boob, Win A Shirt

Tweet My daughter Meredith and I are walking in the Susan G. Koman 3-Day, 60-mile walk in Philadelphia in a few weeks. Meredith needs help to complete her fundraising. Some people don’t want to contribute because in January, the Komen Foundation nearly cut off funding to Planned Parenthood’s Breast Health Services Project, which provides free […]
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Help Me Celebrate My 20 Year Writing Anniversary

Tweet   Twenty years ago today, I put Meredith, my then-youngest child, on the school bus so she could start first grade. (Yes, that’s her above.) She was VERY excited to go. Honestly, I was very excited for her to go, too. I loved that girl with all my heart, but she was what we […]
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Fresh Starts – WFMAD Day 20

Tweet   That adorable baby in the photo is our first grandchild, born yesterday afternoon. Welcome to the world, Logan!! It’s a good thing I got in about five hours of writing yesterday morning, because from the time we left for the hospital, my head has been a total muddle. What do you do about […]
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Birthdays, Marathon Running, and Life

Tweet This time last year I turned 49 years old – a few weeks after our youngest kid went to college and in the middle of the FORGE book tour. Immediately I started to think about what it would mean to turn 50. In the decade between my 40th and 50th birthdays, I wrote and […]
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Year’s End in the Forest

Tweet Things have been a-hopping in the Forest for the past week as we’ve been enjoying all kinds of family gatherings and celebrations. We hung eleven stockings by the chimney with care (including one for each dog). No, the chickens did not get stockings. However I decorated their coop with big red bows and made […]
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Video to bake by

TweetThe cleaning and decorating in the Forest in finally done. (Pics tomorrow!) Today I’ll be trying to make a gingerbread house and baking biscotti and other family favorites. And it’s time to make the rice pudding for the Julenisse! While puttering around the kitchen, I’ll be catching up on videos that I’ve bookmarked. Do you […]
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A Pause in Banned Books Week Coverage

Tweet Sit down. I have a story for you. So we have a neurotic six-year-old German Shepherd. I generally refer to her as The Creature With Fangs. tho’ truth be told, she rarely uses them.           Isn’t she lovely?         We’ve known for a while now that she’s […]
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WFMAD Day 30 – your time is your currency

TweetMy friend Susan Campbell Bartoletti has a new book out: They Called Themselves the K.K.K.: The Birth of an American Terrorist Group. You should buy it and read it. Five reviewing publications have given it stars (so far). Sue has written a fascinating account of her research trip to Arkansas to attend a KKK Congress. […]
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WFMAD Day 15 – Better Late Than Never

Tweet I’m late. I know. I should probably hang my head in shame. But I’m not going to. Our weekend was filled with camping with friends and then today we had some family stuff that took up most of the day, which was way longer than I thought it would. I don’t regret one second. […]
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Chicken update – cute predator alert

TweetThis was going to be an update about my chickens.I was going to tell you all about the Chicken Palace. I was going to point out how the coop itself has two levels. The girls stay in the upper level (it comes complete with nesting boxes and roosts) at night because it is the most protected part […]
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