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We made it to March!!

TweetYes, it is still below freezing outside. But that is the SUN SHINING, people!!! We haven’t seen that in these parts for MONTHS!!! Look – evidence! The weatherman is only calling for snow in four out of the next seven days! Time for the bathing suits!
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Snowy Day

Tweet We got a not-fully-anticipated 2 feet of snow late yesterday and last night. No, the schools in my town were not closed. They didn’t even open late.             I headed out to the cottage when it was still dark out, so I didn’t realize how beautiful it was outside. […]
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Year’s End in the Forest

Tweet Things have been a-hopping in the Forest for the past week as we’ve been enjoying all kinds of family gatherings and celebrations. We hung eleven stockings by the chimney with care (including one for each dog). No, the chickens did not get stockings. However I decorated their coop with big red bows and made […]
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Video to bake by

TweetThe cleaning and decorating in the Forest in finally done. (Pics tomorrow!) Today I’ll be trying to make a gingerbread house and baking biscotti and other family favorites. And it’s time to make the rice pudding for the Julenisse! While puttering around the kitchen, I’ll be catching up on videos that I’ve bookmarked. Do you […]
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Need a last minute gift? Or some snow?

TweetWe’ve had about 8 inches of snow in the last couple of hours, with more on the way. It is officially a Snow Day in the Forest! The dogs are loving it! Truth be told, I am, too. As soon as I get the day’s writing done, I’m going to shift into decorating mode. Might […]
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Chill time

TweetThe good news is I got in a couple of hours of writing this morning. The bad news is I hardly accomplished anything else I had planned because I spent three hours chiseling the ice of my dad’s driveway. Some days you just gotta go with the flow. Or the ice floe. In keeping with […]
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Pigs DO Fly!

Tweet A lot of people have written to me in the last few months, asking what a typical book tour day is like. Elizabeth Bluemle of Flying Pig Bookstore did a write-up of the day I spent in the Burlington, VT area. It gives you a pretty good picture of the day: three school visits, […]
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Best Intentions

Tweet Remember when I used to blog? A lot? Well. I got out of the blogging habit during the FORGE booktour! ARGH! I’m sorry! I miss you guys! So I am trying to get back into the habit. Right now. I think one of the things that has been holding me back (other than catching […]
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A Pause in Banned Books Week Coverage

Tweet Sit down. I have a story for you. So we have a neurotic six-year-old German Shepherd. I generally refer to her as The Creature With Fangs. tho’ truth be told, she rarely uses them.           Isn’t she lovely?         We’ve known for a while now that she’s […]
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WFMAD Day 26 – Wild Spirits Soaring

Tweet Two quick reviews for you: Reading Rants weighs in on FORGE and WINTERGIRLS reviewed in Colorado. How did your writing go yesterday? Mine floooowed. Like creekwater after a thunderstorm. Sugar pouring from a blue china bowl. Like round hips swaying under a loose skirt to a hot salsa trumpet. Seriously. It was that good. […]
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