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TweetI’m in Oregon now, free wifi at my hotel – wa-hoo! I need to catch you up on my Michigan adventure. First the Detroit airport. Which I love because they have one of those cool colorful tunnels that connects the consourses and it changes color a lot! Connecting through Detroit always means a trip to […]
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Checking off to-do list items

TweetCopyedited manuscript of Independent Dames sent off. check. Critiques printed out out and packed. check. Opening conference speech written & printed. check. Revision speech written & printed. check. Revision hand-outs assembled. check. Revision hand-outs copied – not yet! Must drop off on the way to the hairdressers! Portland speeches written. check. Portland speeches printed – […]
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Monday morning listmaking

TweetIt’s Monday morning, but my head is already focused on Friday, when I fly to Michigan for their SCBWI Fall Conference. I’ll spend Sunday on airplanes and in airports hopscotching across to Portland, Oregon. You can catch me a week from today kicking off Teen Read Week by delivering the 2007 Teen Author Lecture, courtesy […]
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“You can have my book when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers”

TweetThe subject line comes from an awesome PR campaign by the public libraries of Wyoming. It is the perfect kick-off for this week because…… HAPPY BANNED BOOKS WEEK!!! Celebrate that most treasured of our freedoms – the freedom to think and read what you want – by reading a banned book. Choose one of mine. […]
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ALA was the bestest conference EVAH!

TweetDang, that was good. ALA was absofreakinglutley astounding. How to best describe this??? Imagine the thing you care about most in the world (besides the people that you love). In my case, this is books. Specifically, books for kids and teenagers. OK, now, take thousands of people who work in the field that you love. […]
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Quick update & my ALA schedule

TweetStorm clouds are rolling across the county, so our power should go out in a minute. Here’s my update: 1. My revision is proceeding well, despite last week’s chickenbutt moment. I won’t get the manuscript turned in by ALA, which I had hoped, but it should be there by the end of the month. 2. […]
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Hot and fast Friday fiveish

Tweet1. Bandages are off! I woke up yesterday at 5:15 and had removed the blasted bandages by 5:20. The doc made 15 small incisions on The Leg and they’re all healing nicely. I see him in a week and if there is any justice in the world I’ll run after that. 2. The revision is […]
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Playing catch-up

TweetOK, OK, OK…. I am here and trying to catch up again. The first news of the day is very sad: Lloyd Alexander died yesterday. School Library Journal and the Washington Post have obituaries. I wish someone in Philadelphia would kick the Inquirer (Lloyd’s hometown paper) because they don’t seem to have noticed the event […]
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TweetI was SUPPOSED to come home last night from IRA in Toronto. But a monsoon hit the airport just before I was supposed to leave. They canceled all the flights. So I made a lot of phone calls, got drenched waiting for the shuttle bus, walked into the hotel looking like something that just crawled […]
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Monday – books, life & teachers edition

TweetThanks to all the Michiganers who made my quick trip to the Mitten State fun and interesting. The conference was HUGE – more than 5000 attenders who had hundreds of workshops to choose from, and I was honored that so many folks came out to hear me mutter and rant. I spent most of Saturday […]
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