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Chicken update – cute predator alert

TweetThis was going to be an update about my chickens.I was going to tell you all about the Chicken Palace. I was going to point out how the coop itself has two levels. The girls stay in the upper level (it comes complete with nesting boxes and roosts) at night because it is the most protected part […]
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Chicken Update & suitcase

TweetThe chickens continue their nuclear growth. Now they have tail feathers that look like a Victorian lady’s bustle. Here’s a quick clip filmed by Queen Louise of me in the temporary play yard with them.I’m off on a research trip for my Abigail Adams picture book. Not sure if I’ll be blogging or vlogging from […]
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Batting Monday Clean-up

TweetYou know the sound a car engine makes at the RPMs are climbing and you are preparing to shift into the next gear?Make that sound in your mind right now.I’m getting ready to shift gears and go full throttle on a number of projects.Before I can do that, though, I have to clean off a couple […]
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Mockingjays and chickens love booksellers

TweetI seem to be on a video roll this week. Can’t figure out what’s come over me! But before we go to the tape, I have to share one photo.     At the Scholastic MOCKINGJAY party. Suzanne Collins gave us a surprise reading of the opening pages and all I have to say is this: order your copy NOW! […]
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Chickens grow right in front of your eyes!

TweetOur chickens are two weeks old and all seem very healthy. Incredibly healthy. In fact, I am wondering if our proximity to the nuclear power plant is influencing their stupendous growth rate.BH has been slowly turning a pile of scrap lumber into the coop, but some recent chicken test flightsaccelerated the schedule. Below you’ll see a […]
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