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How To Make An Author’s Heart Go Tha-Thump!

Tweet   A couple of weeks ago, the mother of one of my young readers contacted me on Facebook and wrote, “I’m going on a short trip to NYC. My son wants to see one of the places from CHAINS. Which one spot should he see?” Not only did her son read and enjoy the book, but […]
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My conflicted relationship with George Washington

Tweet           I have a conflicted relationship with George Washington. This bubbles to the surface every time I see someone misattribute a quote to him on Facebook, or misstate facts about his changing attitudes about sundry and various things, or pass along bald-faced lies.       Having read way too […]
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FORGE tour – Week 1, pt 2

Tweet WHATTA BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you to everyone for the kind messages and good thoughts. If the rest of the world knew how much fun it is to turn 49, they wouldn’t angst about it so much. Special thanks to the teens, parents, librarians, teachers, and booksellers at the Pittsford B&N for making my birthday FORGE […]
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Writing about race for kids

TweetBack in January, bookseller Elizabeth Bluemle and I had a conversation about white privelege and issues of race in children’s publishing and children’s literature, two topics that had been much on our minds.Elizabeth kept pondering and talking to people in the industry and has now published a post called "The Elephant in the Room," complete […]
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Batting Monday Clean-up

TweetYou know the sound a car engine makes at the RPMs are climbing and you are preparing to shift into the next gear?Make that sound in your mind right now.I’m getting ready to shift gears and go full throttle on a number of projects.Before I can do that, though, I have to clean off a couple […]
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BEA (book expo) Vlog & FORGE signing

TweetI spent Tuesday – Thursday of this week at BEA – the gigunda annual trade show for booksellers in New York City. It was crazy-intense and wonderful. I got to hear smart people talk, saw friends be honored, receive some nice recognition from independent booksellers for some of my work, sign LOTS of books, go to parties, […]
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Have I mentioned recently how much I love my job?

TweetThere is a kid in Oregon who loves CHAINS. He loves it so much that he wrote an original song about it and then made this video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end. There is a surprise there that might bring tears to your eyes. That’s what happened to me.
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Can You Stand Even More Excitement?!

Tweet::cues drummers::Are you ready for my BIG NEWS?CHAINS has made the shortlist for the Carnegie Medal in the United Kingdom!!This is officially a Big Freaking Deal. As in, I hyperventilated when I heard. The Carnegie is the equivalent of the Newbery Award in the UK. Take a look at the other authors on the list. […]
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Garden season starts and overseas books arrive

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Crazy Love

Tweet(Announcement: I am preparing another vlog. What questions do you want answered? End of announcement)(And now we return to our regularly scheduled blog) Seriously? Sarah Hale is the answer to your Women’s History month needs. Ask Bonnie Jacobs.What else do we have in here,….. ::rummages:: ah, yes! A lovely WINTERGIRLS review from Norway.And much appreciated nods from […]
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