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FORGE Book Tour details!

Tweet The short version: Five weeks. Texas. AZ. MO. non-NYC New York.   New England. Mid-Atlantic (incl NYC). Texas, Round 2. West Coast. Mid-West and down the mighty Mississippi. Miami so I can drink Cuban coffee, which I will really need by the end of November. Final event at the bookstore closest to my house. In […]
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Harvesting those writing questions again

TweetI’m off on a totally cool adventure today. In my absence, please tell me any of your writing or publishing questions that I forgot to answer, so I can answer them next week. Feel free to make up new ones, too. Do you know anyone who lives around San Francisco? Tell them to check out […]
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One Month and Counting!!!!!!! (and more W&PQ)

TweetLet the countdown begin! WINTERGIRLS goes on sale one month from today!!! In a month, I’ll be on my way to the airport to catch a flight out to California for the beginning of the book tour. The spring will be almost as much of a travel blur as last fall was. Laurie’s Totally Excellent […]
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Mad Woman Goes on Book Tour

TweetIf all goes well, I head to Minnesota in a few hours. I promise lots of pictures and tour details for the next month. Before we get to the schedule, I’d like to puff out my chest and proudly point out that my daughter Bookavore (aka Stephanie) has some great quotes about economic sustainability and […]
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Getting antsy

TweetClick on the video below and push the time bar to the 50 second mark. Ready? Push play and sing along with me as loud as you can: “AN-TI-CI-PAAA-TION!!!” That’s my life right now. CHAINS will be released officially on October 21st, the day my book tour begins, two days before my birthday. The nice […]
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playing catch-up

TweetI will be using today’s subject line a lot in the next four months! Life is busy – good busy. I am so incredibly blessed to have all this fun stuff to do! Right now most of my time is spent working on the new book (it’s a historical that continues the adventures of the […]
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Booktour news and WFMAD 25

TweetNo, the firewood isn’t here yet. Yes, it’s going up to 80+ degrees so we are unlikely to need it tonight. But OfficeMouse and her Faithful Companion are leaving soon which means it will be BH and me on stacking duty. Maybe I should invite everyone in Blogland to come help. I could feed you […]
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