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BEA round-up

Tweet Three days breathing Javitz Center air have left me feeling a little delirious. But before I self-medicate by planting flowers and working out at the gym, let me share a few BEA pics with you. (pic from Mitali Perkins Twitter feed) Mitali Perkins, Jennifer Donnelly and I did a good job representing YA books […]
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Art Auction + Free Speech = Winning

Tweet BEA – the ginormous annual publishing conference – is just around the corner. I’ll be there Monday- Thursday, and plan on having a Very Good Time Indeed. One of the coolest things at BEA is the Silent Auction. This takes place Wednesday night. The best illustrators in the business such as David Diaz, Mo […]
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Bookseller Love!!

Tweet Happy Birthday to my favorite (and my local) bookstore, River’s End Bookstore in Oswego, NY. This week is the store’s 13th birthday, which they are celebrating by unveiling their e-commerce site. The owners of the store, Bill Reilly and Mindy Ostrow, have made a tremendous difference to the culture of Oswego and to the […]
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Second Star to the right!

Tweet Publisher’s Weekly has also graced FORGE with a star! ‚ÄúSecond in the Seeds of America trilogy, this sequel to the National Book Award finalist Chains is narrated by Curzon, the slave Isabel freed from prison while escaping her own enslavement in 1777 New York City. Curzon immediately explains how he and Isabel lived in […]
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WFMAD Day 27 – Friday five for your writing

Tweet Bookavore, bookseller extraordinaire at WORD in Brooklyn (and my oldest kid) has weighed in with a resolution to remedy the mud-slinging that seems to be heating up between adult “literary fiction” authors and adult “genre fiction” authors. (You haven’t heard about the feud? Details here.) If you, too, were a Model UN nerd in […]
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WFMAD Day 22 – indie love & flap copy

Tweet Wow!! Thank you to everyone who chimed into yesterday’s discussion about the most effective ways to deal with censorship. I really appreciate the obvious time and thought that went into your comments. I’ll post more on this tomorrow, including a link to a lesson plan from a teacher who has put together a unit […]
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Snow does not the true gardener defeat & Orlando, FL – wth?

TweetYes, we’ve had snow every day for weeks and weeks. Yes, there are still several feet of it on the ground. But the farmers down the road have shoveled out their sugar shack which means it’s almost time to make maple syrup because the sap is rising. And the last frost date (third week of […]
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Mrs. Avery is Haunting Me & Awesome Idea at End of Post

TweetLet’s start with the ridiculous today, shall we? For the last three days I have been suffering from a virulent earworm. (I get a lot of these, but rarely do they linger so long.)The song?Sylvia’s Mother by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Please suffer with me:And who wrote that song? Shel Silverstein. (Isn’t it […]
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Bookstore Events and Book Awards, Oh My!!!

TweetSince Laurie is running around like a Mad Woman, and being true to her inner Mad Woman in the Forest, I thought I would share, once again, her bookstore schedule for this weekend! Yes, it is time for her to travel to Philly for NCTE (no, she is NOT packed yet!). Besides the wonderful conference, […]
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Warming Up

TweetI am going to try and write the Mother-Of-All-ALA reports tomorrow. Yes, with pictures. I have a particularly fine one of Neil Gaiman taken from approximately 400 miles away. First up: thank you for all the kind wishes about the death of my father-in-law. BH and I appreciate each and every one. With the deaths of his father […]
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