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On Contest Winners and Technology Gremlins

TweetSo……….. Last summer I decided to try a book trailer contest for SPEAK and TWISTED. The plan was to offer it to summer reading groups at libraries. But I didn’t get much response from summer reading groups and I had a lot of email from teachers who wanted to offer the contest to their students. […]
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Book Trailer Contest Revision

TweetThank you to everyone who commented and emailed me about the book trailer contest deadline yesterday. You confirmed my hunch. I have two announcements. 1. To everyone who has submitted a book trailer as of today. Please email your mailing address to Officemouse AT writerlady DOT com as soon as possible. Your trailer is still […]
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need help with a muddle

TweetSo…. that giant book trailer contest I am having? It turns out that summer is a bad time to do these things. I have had many more requests from teachers and librarians to extend the deadline into the fall than I have had entries. Do you think I should extend the deadline? Is the middle […]
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Restating Book Trailer Contest Rules

TweetThere have been a couple of questions about my Hot Summer Twisted/Speak Book Trailer Contest, so I thought I would restate the rules and clarify a few points. Here goes: 1. Create a book trailer for SPEAK or TWISTED. You may not use clips or images from the SPEAK movie (it is copyrighted, that’s why). […]
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Want to Hang Out With Me Tonight?

TweetTomorrow I will write about The Very Nearly Perfect Thing That Is Happening Today. But fear not! I have a number of Totally Excellent things to write about today, including information on hanging out with me at 9 PM (EST) tonight. Totally Excellent Thing #1: The School Library Journal has a wonderful online teen newsletter […]
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