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Give & Receive Goodies!!!

TweetI’m emerging briefly from the Cave of Revision (where I had a very nice epiphany yesterday, thank you, and now I’m pretty sure I know how to fix the part that wasn’t working in this story) to check the calendar. Note: there is a chance to win free books ahead, including a collectible first edition. […]
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Join Our Team (please, please, please)

TweetOMG, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is better than oatmeal. This is better than an armful of library books. This is better than finishing a draft. My Beloved Husband and I are going to make a difference. We’ve joined the Team in Training, a kick-butt group that raises money for cancer research for the Leukemia […]
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Reality steps in

TweetIt really was a loverly day yesterday, even after it turned a little sad in the evening. Thank you so much to all of youse guys for the birthday wishes. It was fun reading through them. BH gave me the best birthday present ever: he made us a bed (we’ve been doing the grad student […]
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Back at it

TweetChris Crutcher was wonderful last night, so inspiring when talking about his commitment to writing realistic stories of courage for teens, funny, and passionate about our freedom of expression. I took pictures, but the Internet and computer problems continue here at the Forest, so I can’t post them yet. Chris also read from DEADLINE, which […]
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“You can have my book when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers”

TweetThe subject line comes from an awesome PR campaign by the public libraries of Wyoming. It is the perfect kick-off for this week because…… HAPPY BANNED BOOKS WEEK!!! Celebrate that most treasured of our freedoms – the freedom to think and read what you want – by reading a banned book. Choose one of mine. […]
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Um, attention, body clock?

TweetI keep waking up really early. Part of it is the story in my head, my new WIP. I don’t know what else to blame it on. I have been a perky early riser for decades. My normal alarm was set for 6am and I could get up with no problems. But since I’ve been […]
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Looking for answers

Tweet I want a magazine that refuses advertisements that use these deceptive dollbaby images. I want models who don’t look like lollipops. I want Hannah Montana to stop grinding her hips when she dances in front of an audience of 9-year-olds. What do you want from the worlds of fashion and entertainment? To balance out […]
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TweetPlease watch this – Mayor Jerry Sanders (Republican) of San Diego. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you have learned something, and grown, and changed your mind. It takes even more guts to stand up for the rights of gay people, especially if you are a conservative politician. Mayor Jerry Sanders of […]
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Day of Melancholy and Good Cheer

TweetWednesday is a half-day at the American School in Warsaw. My morning was filled with 7th graders and my afternoon with rain and history.
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TweetDear God.
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