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Gardening with chickens & ingenious bookstore event

TweetA bunch of you have written asking for chicken update pictures. Earlier this week, BH and I took a couple of the girls out to help us weed the flower beds. They are bug-eating machines. A man and his chicks.Along with the garden (we’ve been eating the first peas this week) and the chickens, we’ve been […]
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Author Fantasy

TweetMany people think that the life of the author must be incredibly glamorous, filled with cheering crowds of adoring fans, travel by limo, and being heralded by marching bands.If you read this blog regularly, you know that the reality is very far removed from that fantasy.Except for yesterday.The Teen Book Festival in Rochester is the […]
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Hero worship & WFMAD 28

TweetToni Morrison is one of my heroes for many reasons; she’s a gifted, brilliant, powerful author, she lived in Syracuse NY for a while, and now, she’s helping our country remember. (Here’s a non-NY Times link for those of you who aren’t registered with them.) That bench is now on my Must-Visit list. I am […]
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Nose to Grindstone & WFMAD 17

TweetThe 18th century beckons so I’ll keep this short today. Bookavore has a wonderful interview with Cory Doctorow. I know that Gossip Girls and their ilk upset a lot of people, but how is it that they can’t see all of the literary books in the bookstore? What do you think about this rant? Today’s […]
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A slight delay…

TweetYesterday was a loooooooong day that stretched into the night, and I still didn’t get everything done that I had hoped. So my post about The Very Nearly Perfect Thing will be a little delayed. I think I’ll make a video to explain it and hope to put it up late today or tomorrow. First, […]
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Road Trip #2

TweetNo sooner had we unpacked from Lake Placid than OfficeMouse and I packed again. Yesterday we traveled to Amherst, MA, home of Theo Black, aka my WebGod, and his talented and fun wife Holly Black. (Yeah, her.) Holly is running a Spiderwick contest on her blog that involves free DVDs and lolcats, so be sure […]
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The Ladies are in the House!

TweetHaving your new book – the book you’ve worked on for years, dreamed about, fussed about, cried over, danced with, bored your relatives to tears with (“aren’t you done with that thing yet?”) – having that book arrive is the closest thing possible to the moment when you give birth to a child. Without the […]
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Ask me questions, please

TweetThis medicine the doc gave me is amazing. I am already feeling much better. Sad, though, about the death of Arthur C. Clarke, whose books, along with Heinlein’s, helped me survive high school. Clarke lived to be 90 years old. I can’t begrudge him getting tired after a while. I am putting the finishing touches […]
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Welcome Mr. Ambassador!!!!

TweetThe rocking awesomest Jon Scieszka (Stinky Cheese Man, Time Warp Trio, etc.) has been named as America’s first National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, the President did not make this appointment. The very smart people at the Library of Congress did. Right now copy editors across the country are ripping through their files triple-checking […]
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Up for a gulp of air

TweetWriting going well. First draft done. (That’s the one where I just write all the voices in my head.) Second draft started. (This is the one in which I have to make sense of Draft One. Much harder.) I will keep working on this until the Hordes of College Students descend upon us this weekend. […]
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