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TweetI’m in Oregon now, free wifi at my hotel – wa-hoo! I need to catch you up on my Michigan adventure. First the Detroit airport. Which I love because they have one of those cool colorful tunnels that connects the consourses and it changes color a lot! Connecting through Detroit always means a trip to […]
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I could use a little music help

TweetSo I am sitting in the Detroit airport right now, catching up on my email and looking forward to sushi for lunch. I’ll take pictures, I promise. The flight here was on time and uneventful; loverly. Fingers crossed for the next leg of the trip. Theo has been working away at his forge, crafting a […]
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TweetI was SUPPOSED to come home last night from IRA in Toronto. But a monsoon hit the airport just before I was supposed to leave. They canceled all the flights. So I made a lot of phone calls, got drenched waiting for the shuttle bus, walked into the hotel looking like something that just crawled […]
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From Warsaw, With Love

TweetI made it to Poland! And I am having a blast – this is an AMAZING city and country. Mostly, I have only good news to tell you. But there is one piece of bad news: the Internet connection at my hotel costs $1/minute. Yep. So I’m going to keep this short: the highlights of […]
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Monday – books, life & teachers edition

TweetThanks to all the Michiganers who made my quick trip to the Mitten State fun and interesting. The conference was HUGE – more than 5000 attenders who had hundreds of workshops to choose from, and I was honored that so many folks came out to hear me mutter and rant. I spent most of Saturday […]
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Flying through the Twilight Zone

TweetI should have driven to Ohio – would have gotten here faster. Yesterday’s trip started in Syracuse, went to LaGuardia (NYC), Philly, then Akron. In LaGuardia we had to wait while they loaded our plane with sandbags. Bad passengers! We didn’t pack enough luggage. And then we sat on the runway… to punish us, I […]
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TweetWell, that “week” went fast. I leave again in a couple hours for South Carolina. Let’s hit the rewind button, shall we? Yesterday… yesterday was a bit of a fog. I planted my rear end in front of the computer from breakfast until 9:30pm. I ate in front of the computer. Drank coffee and tea […]
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