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A Long Time Coming

TweetWhen I read this news, it made me cry."About 15,000 African slaves and their descendants were once unceremoniously buried under what is today Manhattan— and forgotten. On Saturday, a new visitor center opened near the rediscovered cemetery from the 17th and 18th centuries to celebrate the ethnic Africans who had toiled, many unpaid, to help […]
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Officially crawling into cave

TweetYesterday was amazing: our Number One Son qualified for the New York State boy’s swimming meet by taking third place in the 100-meter breast in the preliminary heat at yesterday’s Section III championships. That is a mouthful for an early-morning post. Boiled down to its essence, it translates into: My kid is going to States!!!! […]
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TweetGo away, please. I’m writing. No, wait! Come back! Because TWISTED was nominated for a 2008-2009 Georgia Peach Book Award!!!! So were a lot of other great books, including a few written by friends. So I am baking a cyber-peach pie to share with Cecil, Jordan, Sherman and Gail. Somebody else better bring ice cream, […]
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the proper name for this draft

TweetThis is the dopeslap draft. I have a headache from hitting myself upside the head every time I figure something out that has probably been obvious for months, only I just realized it for the first time. “Duh! Of course that’s where her father works! Duuuuh, of course she’s going to do that!” I need […]
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And then the main character turned left instead of right…

TweetI threw out the last third of my book yesterday. Yeah, the one that is due very, very soon. (I didn’t actually throw it out. I put it in the file marked “Extremely Good Writing In Search of the Right Story.” It has many friends there.) The main character announced the need to take a […]
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Have I mentioned that censorship makes me cranky?

TweetWhat a way to start the month. First, John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA is under fire for being “pornographic”. And now, some parents are going after SPEAK. The teacher involved has asked me not to name the school because she wants the process and policies of the district to unfold away from the glare of […]
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TweetYesterday was a very, very intense day. Wonderful, every single minute of it, but wicked intense. I feel like an apple that was peeled with a dull knife and left on the counter overnight. It’s weird because I used to be a profoundly shy person, and then I learned how to be brave and extroverted, […]
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For your reading pleasure

TweetIt’s time to close tabs, back up the hard drive, and get ready for the train. I don’t want to leave you stranded so here are some reading noshes. Jen Robinson’s Book Page (excellent, excellent resource) is now sending out a Growing Bookworms email Newsletter. It is very easy to read – you should probably […]
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