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Inviting Laurie to your event:

She is generally booked two years in advance.

Scheduling Laurie at a conference:

Laurie is not able to personally respond to requests to speak/attend conferences for a few years due to the demands upon her time by her editors and publishers. Oh, and her family, her dog and her chickens and garden… you get the idea. Therefore, her publishers are taking on the task! See the Laurie page for more information. Scroll down to Contact Info & a Little Advice, then click.

Can Laurie speak at my school?

Well, unfortunately she is not making visits to schools right now.

Why has Laurie cut back on speaking so much?

Laurie has promised her publishers that she will write many, many books in the next couple of years. Since there are still only 24 hours in a day, that means she cannot be on the road as much as she has in years past.

She hopes very much to get back to visiting schools and doing more conferences at some point.

So she's not visiting schools at all?

Rarely. Sometime she gets to visit schools when she's on book tour. The best way to increase the chance that your school might be on the tour is to have a good relationship with your closest independent bookstore. She also occasionally visits schools that are outside of the United States.

Laurie will be posting more extensive FAQs for her books on this website so that students will have all the information they need to write reports about her work. She also posts details about her writing process on her blog.

Videos of Laurie are on the Media page


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